"Tour to Puke" sounds more like it to me.

Our local newspaper printed its summer guide last week. We're pretty excited about it. This is the closest that Craig and I as a couple have lived to a big city and there is really a ton of stuff to do here. Obviously a lot of the activities won't really be feasible with a newborn but I've been going through and making a list of the ones that we might be able to handle, especially those in August and September. Free summer concerts in the park where we can spread out a blanket and relax but easily leave if baby gets too fussy, local fairs or festivals that we can walk around for a little bit but head out when we get too hot and cranky, things like that.

One activity that we won't be attending is the Tour de Donut. It's a 32 mile bike ride in July. At 10 and 20 miles there are stops where you can rest and eat donuts. Every donut you eat takes 5 minutes off your time.

Is it me or does that sound like the worst idea ever? Let's count the reasons why:

1) I like bike riding but 32 miles? Yuck!
2) In July? It's hot in July. Yuck!
3) Eating massive amounts* of hot glazed donuts when you are all hot and sweaty. Then trying to ride more. Yuck!

But for my Texas friends, if you aren't like me and think this actually sounds like fun but can't come visit us, don't despair. There is a spin-off Tour de Donut in Katy, Texas, called "The Sweetest Bike Ride in Texas."

*Looking at the results, it really does seem like to be a contender, you have to be willing to pack them in. The top 5 racers ate between 22-30 donuts each. The bottom 17 ate 0-1 donuts each.


  1. I'd like to make it known that I wrote this post before Lucy was born. I am not currently working on list making or any projects other than Lucy care nor do I currently refer to her as generic "baby" anymore.

  2. I'd participate in this race.