Potty Progress

During my sabbatical, I knew I would be writing a potty update when I started writing again but I thought it would be all about our “potty strike.” Luckily that is not the case but I do want to talk about it.

Potty strikes are apparently pretty common for EC/early pottiers, especially during the 12-15 month range. They can last a week or two, or a month or two. Lucy’s lasted a few weeks, during which she only went on the potty one time.

At first, I mistakenly let myself get frustrated. It wasn’t that she wasn’t going, it was that she knew she needed to but refused to sit down. She would sit any other time I asked her or sometimes just because she felt like it but if she started to go and I took her to the potty, she would become a stick and refuse to sit down. This was unlike previous “down” times because I knew she knew what to do which is I why I call this a true “potty strike.”

But after I reminded myself that 1) I wasn’t going to do this unless it was fun for us both, and 2) based on all my readings, this was really a good sign that she was close to making the independence leap,  I let my frustrations go and we plunged ahead with lots of naked time. It also helped when I realize that wiping up an accident on hardwood is actually easier than changing a toddlers’ diaper (I can’t believe I just admitted that but it is true!).

So I was all prepared to write about the strike and how I was dealing with it but Lucy had a better idea. Last week, the strike ended, something clicked and she really got it. Now we are on a potty roll.  She happily sits and goes whenever I remind her it is time, and she will tell me when she needs to go as well. She sometimes starts but then realizes and signs potty and runs (well, the best she can – it is really more of a walk with fast arms) to the potty. The last few days she has stayed clean and dry until early afternoon and even then only had 2 accidents each day (including through naptimes!). And when we do have “accidents,” she comes and shows me then will go get a diaper and help me mop up. I’m so proud of her!

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  1. Glad to hear how successful Lucy has been this week. Zuzu also seems to have had a breakthrough after a long period that felt like failure to me. She's only wearing trainers at home, even at night, and it's finally starting to pay off. Jason noticed she needed to go twice yesterday and she did go. I also had a success today. Potty training's not quite done, but the end's in sight!