Good Reads for Little People

I love children's book lists. That shouldn't be surprising since I really love children's literature but its also that they are so very practical. Lucy loves going to the library with me but from the second we get into the children's section, she grabs a book and says "weed" and in between books I've got about 30 seconds to "browse." This is not conducive to finding high quality literature.

Since I want to encourage her to select books herself and involved in the process, I normally let her pick 2 or 3 books herself then pick up my holds which are pre-selected non-twaddle books. Every once in a while she picks a good one herself but my selections tend to be the favorites for both of us. But in order for that to work, I have to think up books to put on hold and book lists are a great source. Often I'll see a book on there that I know of and love but just completely forgot about.

Two of my favorite sources are Ambleside Year 0 (be sure to check out the advisory favorites link near the bottom of the page too) and the Before 5 in a Row Book List but I also have several blogs that talk about what they are currently reading and I frequently check in on the chinaberry catalog.

But I thought it would be fun to share my book list with you. I even got all fancy and made it as its own special page (I don't have a button or main page link yet but one will be coming eventually). These are our favorites so far and I'll try to keep it up dated. It's not super inventive because most of the books are either old classics or fairly popular newer books but I can tell you that I know at least one little girl who has liked every single book on that list.

And if you have any books (or books lists) that you think we would enjoy, please let me know! We're always up for more good reads.


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  2. I appreciate this post! Thanks for sharing it.