DC: And going (the end!)

Monday we headed off to the National Building Museum. Lucy fell asleep in the Ergo on the way there so I got to explore a couple of the more "boring" exhibits - although I really enjoyed them. Lucy woke up in a great mood, just in time for our play time in the building zone. (Does anyone else have issues with Blogger randomly deciding they can't  center a picture?)

She had a blast playing with another dollhouse,


 built herself a bed,
 and giant tower. There were quite a few other kids there so we basically found whatever was the least occupied and played with that - she's so very social :-)

 Then we toured another exhibit about houses which I really enjoyed but Lucy rushed through. She also rushed through the Lego buildings exhibit but that was to be expected since right next to all the buildings was an open area full of Legos to play with. She hadn't ever seen the little ones before but liked her creation so much, she made me take a picture to show daddy since I told her she wasn't allowed to bring it home.

The National Building Museum is definitely a smaller museum but it was nice break from the larger, more crowded Smithsonians. I really enjoyed the exhibits although I am fond of architectural and design stuff so while I picked it for the kid area, it really was a good fit for both of us.

Tuesday we took a break and just hung out at the hotel but Wednesday we were back in the sightseeing mood with a trip to the National Aquarium (the DC location). This is much smaller than the Baltimore location which I've also toured but perfect for a toddler. There were alligators, frogs, turtles, sharks, lots of fish as well as a couple random things I had never heard of and can't remember the name of. I can tell she really enjoyed it because all afternoon she drew pictures of different sea creatures and then would "hide them" by scribbling over the pictures. I'm going to have to scan one for our photo album since it is my favorite drawing of hers to date.

Before we headed back to the hotel, I wanted to swing by the White House. Even with all my trips to DC, I had never done the standard tourist picture in front of the White House. So we did it. Lucy was upset because she couldn't go in the garden to see the water but we still managed to grab a  fairly decent picture.

Thursday was our last day and we had already seen everything I had planned and more so we just spent a little over an hour at the National Gallery of Art (West). I wasn't sure how Lucy would do but I found some things to keep her busy. She loved finding all the "mommy and baby Jesus" paintings - and there were a lot!

My favorite Lucy moment was when she saw a statue, stopped and looked at it a minute, then said "Wait a minute, that lady is nated. No shoes, no socks, dust toes. Dat's funny." She didn't seem to think the fact that the lady wasn't wearing any other clothing very remarkable I guess.

And that was the end of our DC sightseeing. And yes, I am completely exhausted!


  1. Yes, I have the failure-to-center problem with Blogger from time to time. So annoying.

    Looks like you guys did a lot in DC--how many days of sightseeing did you have? We might try to get there in the next few years.

  2. We got there on a Sunday and left the Friday of the next week so we spent 12 nights there. We actually did a lot more than I planned - I thought we would only go into the city every other day during the week but quickly learned that spending the day with Lucy stuck in a hotel room was not fun at all (we did take Tuesdays and Fridays off but did things in the evenings those days). So we just went in early in the morning most days and came home around nap time and spent the afternoon relaxing, swimming and watching lots of pooh while mommy rested on the couch.

    The real vacation part for me was the fact that the hotel had free breakfast and dinner so other than make pb&j for lunch, I didn't have to cook at all!