Third Trimester here we come!

No official belly shot but you can clearly see the baby belly in this White House shot.

Wow, this pregnancy really seems to be flying by now.

I'm finally feeling good, like really good. I have lots of energy - for someone who spends her day chasing a toddler at least. I was worried that I wouldn't feel up to getting around DC much but Lucy and I were all over the city and I didn't get a nap most days but still managed to survive (although I'll admit I'm looking forward to a nice quiet week at home).

Dewey must be feeling pretty energetic too because he/she is really active now. I've been feeling kicks for a while but lately its been crazy with kicks and perhaps flips and punches. I don't remember this much activity with Lucy so either I'm having pregnancy amnesia (totally possible) or this baby is just a little energy machine (also possible). Time will tell :-)

Lucy is finally excited about the baby. She's "gotten it" for a while but was very negative at first. Now she at least says she is excited and talks about the baby fairly often. She is also completely convinced it is going to be a boy. In the beginning, if we would ask she would sometimes say boy and sometimes say girl. But since about 20 weeks, it has always been "boy/brother." I try and tell her that it might be a sister but she will have none of it. Luckily, she tends to be fairly flexible about changes as long as I give her lots of warning since if baby comes and its a girl, there isn't really anything we can do about it (nor would be want to :-)

I'm been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks. I did have a lot with Lucy too and I know they get more common with each pregnancy so I think I'm pretty normal is that regard but hopefully now that we are home again and I can sit, relax and make sure I drink lots of water, I'll get a bit of a break. My back and hips are doing better, they are still trouble spots but getting adjusted has helped as consistently exercising. I've started having some serious pelvic pain this last week or two but it's better than the first trimester so I try not to complain too much.

One of the things I've most been looking forward to about the third trimester is a new workout dvd. I've been doing the same one 3x a week for almost 3 months now so I'm ready for a switch. I'm also trying to be more consistent with my exercises - squatting and sitting butterfly style are easier the second time around since I'm always on the floor with Lucy anyway but finding time to practice relaxation techniques and do some of the others like pelvic rocking is more challenging. Maybe they will balance out :-) Craig and I haven't done much together yet but we've both review our Bradley material and will start soon.

I've also started my list of things to do before baby comes - mostly unpacking stuff and checking/cleaning it to make sure I have what I need. Getting out those teeny-tiny diapers and onesies will probably make the impending birth seem even more real so maybe it will provide that extra motivation I need which is just what I need because baby should be here in just about 3 more months!


  1. Which workout video did you end up using?

  2. Lindsay Brin's Moms into Fitness Pregnancy 4 pack (one for each trimester plus a postnatal bootcamp). I really like it. I got it from ebay but be forewarned, the one I got as well as the Target versions don't have the yoga included like the ones directly from her website do - but the savings was worth it for me ($5 vs $40). I tried borrowing some yoga dvds from a friend to do as a supplement but have sine decided I din't like yoga. I'm not really a big fan of exercise so if I'm going to work-out, I want the sweat as proof that I did something :-)