Tot Tuesday:Montessori's everywhere!

Lucy and I are tagging along with Craig on a business trip right now. While he's working, we've been exploring the city of Washington DC. We've having a great time so far, so much so that I'm too tired to write real posts but I just had to share these pictures.

When you keep your eyes open, Montessori really is everywhere. Lucy loved this rocket building activity at the  Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. She did it 5-6 times, and only stopped when another girl came up to give it a try. After the other girl was done, Lucy started up again. If she got it wrong, she would look at it then say "Oh, try again!" but if she got it right she would throw her hands up and say "One more time!"

I've been thinking that Lucy is almost ready for the pink tower and seeing her interest in the rocket confirms that. The pink tower is much obviously larger and more complicated so I think it will be a real challenge for her, but one that she probably will enjoy.

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