The things she says

I think I'm just going to have to keep a running post like this and post them whenever they get long enough because this kid is a hoot.

August 2012

About a month ago, she started calling us "my dear." The first time was when I asked her to call her dad to dinner and she ran up to him and said "Time to eat, my dear!" As far as I know, neither Craig or I call each other that but she must have heard it somewhere.

Turkey roll-ups are one of her favorite snacks, it's just a slice of turkey with cream cheese, rolled up. Recently she noticed that the when she pulls the drain on the bath water, it also makes a spiral shape so now when she is ready to get out of the bath (or I tell her it's time) she says "Turkey roll up!'" and stands there waiting for the spiral to appear. I've tried to explain that yes, it's a SPIRAL just like a turkey roll up but she couldn't care less about using another term when turkey roll up works just fine. This all happened when Craig was on night shift and I was the only one doing baths but last week he gave her one and I didn't think to mention it to him but later I asked him about it and he started laughing because he hadn't been able to understand why she kept going on about them when he had already told her we were out of turkey!

We had been working on Craig doing more of the not-as-much fun stuff with Lucy to get her used to when mommy is busy with the baby (help with potty, getting drinks, bathtime, etc) and she was fine until Craig was gone at night and I had to take it back. She got "spoiled" and started protesting daddy's help again. After a long battle (that I wouldn't have picked had I known how long it would be but once we were in, we were in) I think we've broken through that but she still brings it up so I wasn't surprised when she started telling me "tumtimes mommy gives me a bath but 'tumtimes daddy does and dat's okay'" but I was caught off guard when she added "...but I prefer mommy."I actually had her repeat it a few times before I realized she was saying "prefer"...where does she get these words?

We've added bible memory time to our lunch routine and she really loves it. A few days ago we were reading her current verse, Phillippians 2:14-15 (Do everything without complaining or arguing...). She said it back to me then I asked her what it meant (we've already been over it the day before). She said it meant no whining then told me we needed to tell that verse to Eeyore. True!

She asked me to tell her a poem so I picked up one of her poem books and was going to read one but she said "No, talk about it with your mouth!" After a minute I realized she wanted me to just tell her one. Now she uses that expression, or it's shortened version "Talk about it" when she wants us to tell her a story or "read" a book by talking about the pictures, not by reading the exact text.

We were outside playing and as usual, it was quite hot, when all of a sudden, a cloud gave us some welcome relief from the sun's rays. Lucy's didn't skip a beat, turned to me and said in a very serious tone, "Oh, mommy, I just love this weather."

September 2012

Another time we were outside, she started yelling so I looked up to see her standing with a flower in each hand, arms out as far forward as they could go, while she screamed "Bees, come get the nectarine to make me honey!"

Lucy was playing on the floor when Craig walked into the room singing "If I only had a brain.." and when she looked up at him and smiled, he sang the same line but said "If Lucy only had a brain." She immediately replied in a matter-of-fact tone  "Daddy, I do have a brain, it's in my head!"

Lucy and I were walking on a nearby hiking trail when we found this neat pod thing, but when she asked me what it was, I told her I didn't know. She is at the oh-so-fleeting stage of life where she thinks her daddy knows everything she told me we would ask him when we got home. Just then another group walked by and one lady said hi to Lucy and asked her what she had in her hand. Lucy doesn't normally talk very much to strangers but she looked right up at her and said, in a somewhat annoyed tone, "Well, I don't know, I'm going to have to ask my daddy." I don't think she really meant to be rude but it certainly came out that way much to my chagrin. Oh boy, the joy of a talking toddler with a high vocabulary and a low filter :-)

Sidenote: Craig didn't know what the pod was either but a quick google image search led us to sycamore pod, not to be confused (although it often is) with a sweet gum pod which we found on our next hike. Fun times with nature!

At this age, Daddy not only knows everything but he can fix everything too. Have you ever tried convincing a child that it is okay to eat her broken cookie and that is really won't work to save her broken cookie until daddy comes home and can fix it with tape. It's not as easy as you would think.

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