Yep, still here

But unlike last week, I'm feeling pretty good so I can post without bringing everyone down with my moppiness. I have  more energy this week but mostly, I've started to have fun. I figure if I'm "overdue*" I can let things go and use the energy I do have to do fun stuff, the bathroom can wait - a couple months :-)

We did have a bit of a mini-"emergency" when I woke up from a nap on Saturday with pink eye. I'm one of those people who gets pink eye if anyone in the room even mentions it. It was really bad when I was a substitute teacher in elementary schools, I got it about once a month. But luckily, it was pretty clear this time that it was viral and I know what to do so I managed to keep it contained to that one eye and now it's gone (although I'm staying away from contacts for anther day or two just to make sure). Can you imagine Lucy having pink eye and wanting to be around my newborn? Or a newborn with pink eye? Ack!

But other than that, we just had fun this weekend. We went on a family hike. It wasn't long, just 0.8 mile but the path is really neat and Lucy had a blast finding acorns, berries, a mushroom and more pods and I actually enjoyed it, probably because the weather was nice and I wasn't sweating glowing the whole time. We did get lapped twice, by a couple walking their dog which sadly, was a dachshund. Really? Those things have legs the size of my fingers, how fast can they walk! But Craig did stop to show things to Lucy and she walked almost the whole way herself so let's blame them and not me and my waddling, okay.

Me, one day before I was "due" making pretzels and yes, I'm actually smiling!

Speaking of dachshund, one of Lucy's new favorite book is "Pretzel"** but I wasn't sure she even knew why he was called that since her only experience with pretzels is the little sticks from the grocery store - so we made pretzels. That recipe makes a lot but Craig had a potluck at work that night so it worked out just right and he said they were quite popular there too. I might try making them again but forming the letters of the alphabet since I'm pretty sure that would make Lucy's day. (Also, you don't have to have a thermometer, I didn't, just make sure the milk/butter is warm but not hot enough to hurt you if you stick your finger in it for a few minutes. Too hot and you'll kill your yeast)

Lucy's enjoying her pretzel.

I also did a bit of fall preparation. I kinda bribed myself by saying if I made it to my due date sans baby, I would do some fall decorating. Fall is my favorite season but the last few years have been crazy so I haven't really been able to decorate like I would have wanted to and I figured this year would be the same but no, I made stuff happen this year! This wreath is a combination of these two pinterest finds. The felt flowers are on clips so I can take them off and put other season items on the burlap wreath.

Lucy and I also made a craft pumpkin - same concept as this but a pumpkin. It was fun to do it again because this time, she was able to cut all but the brown paper herself before she got tired. 

And I decorated a side table

although yes, there should be a candle in there. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and buy one of those fake e-candle. I like the look of candles but never really burn them so why not go fake - especially with kids around. In all, the decorations only took two nights to do which was good since Craig is working nights now and I like having little projects around for the evenings. They cost about $10 in all (well, except for the pottery barn pumpkins but those where a gift from a few years ago. I absolutely love them but Craig would have had a heart attack if I bought them for myself).

I'm hoping Lucy and I will have time to do another fun fall project to add more "preschool fall flare" look to the house but even now, I feel much more festive.

 In fact, getting that done inspired me to do what I'd been putting off - the big seasonal clothes switch! I was dreading this because she doesn't like change and sure enough, she resisted the whole idea at first and hated every single outfit I showed her but once she had them on, I would send her off to look in the mirror and she would come back saying how pretty she was and how we should keep this one. Then I waited till she was in the other room to pack up the old stuff and haul it down to the basement so we avoided disaster. And I think we are finally to the point where she can wear pants and still make it to the potty on time. For some reason, her summer shorts were all harder for her to take off but her fall stuff is mostly dresses and looser waisted pants. Yah! 

*Yes, I'm past my due date but I'm not really overdue until 42 weeks. And while Lucy came on her due date, that was the more accurate due date I had from charting and was actually 4-5 days after the plug and chug due date the "magical" wheel gave me. This time, I didn't have the more accurate info but I would not be surprised if it was really 4-5 days after the 15th so I don't even feel like I'm "more pregnant" than I was with Lucy. I mean, I really ready to meet my baby but I'm not stressing. 

** Confession - I don't really like books by the Rays (Curious George and Katy No-pocket are some others). I almost wish they were twaddle because there is something that always strikes me as odd - "I don't care for long dogs? I will (marry you) but not for your length? Weird. 

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