First day of Preschool!

...was actually two weeks ago. I'm behind on blogging :-) I'll be saving all the activity stuff for a post at the end of the month (and for when I can find my camera again) but we had to start out with some first day photos.

She was so excited about holding the sign but didn't seem to understand that I wanted to see the front.
august 023

And her face.

august 021
Finally, she got it.
august 012

And these are some sibling love partners in crime action shots that made me smile.
august 029

august 030
(And for the record, Lucy is responsible for the matching. She really likes it when she matches me or Jonah or even better - all of us matching!)

So far, things are going well. We've had a bit of an issue with "That's not preschool, that's just kid stuff, that's just fun!" fits but I think attitude adjusting is one of the biggest lessons for the preschool years so why not start practicing now! I kid, but actually we've had huge strides in tantrums and learning to be calm and respectful lately so I'm feeling pretty good about parenting right now (knock knock knock).

And next month will have a little more going on which will hopefully please my little scholar. I purposely made this month pretty light because it's crazy busy for me. Is it October yet?

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