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I've got a bit of writer's block. Most of my computer time lately has been conference work but I don't think that's the only reason. I've had other busy seasons that didn't impact my blogging, I think its more that I got out of the habit. Partly because I've pulled away from internet usage a bit (a good thing!) and partly because I've been in a bit of a funk (not a good thing!). But whatever the reason, I'm trying to write a bit more even if it's just rambling. Starting....now!

Speaking of my funk, I think I'm ready to talk about it. Probably because it's mostly over :-) But I had just been dragging for a while and so so tired. Not that good tired you feel after exercising or a hard day's work. I personally think running is evil so its been years since I've experienced a "runners high" but I do enjoy a good "spring cleaning high" (the natural kind, not the "you should move to more natural cleaners because you just killed off 100 brain cells cleaning that toilet" kind). It wasn't mental fatigue. I'd been too tired to even think enough to have mental fatigue. But a lethargic, wake up feeling more tired than I went to bed fatigue. Ugh.

I think we've figured out the cause - thyroid issues. I've started medicine and doing much better although I'm not content to leave it at that so more doctors visits are in order.  Of course, this is all happening right when I'm switched doctors for insurance reasons which makes it more complicated but we're getting there. Actually taking the medicine was a big step. Not because I'm completely opposed to pharmaceuticals but because of some of the specifics I won't be sharing here but in the end, after much prayer and discussion, I decided to take them. Even after the decision was made, it was still hard for me to take them. I think it came down to control. I'm still parsing out exactly what that means for me and how God is using it to refine me, but I'm sure He will. He's good at that.

God's also been at work within Lucy. Lately, she's just been asking me the best questions and wanting to talk about "Jesus things." It's awesome - and terrifying. We had a great conversation in the car about killing witches with drills if there were no ovens around (can you guess what Fairy Tale she's become obsessed with recently?) and how God killed the bad people of Lot's town and how Jesus is a rescuer but only if you want to be rescued and not everyone does. The whole thing left me fatigued - the good mental kind though :-)

Another thing that's been causing me good mental fatigue. Hangul. I'm learning the Korean alphabet, mostly using this. I've been wanting to work on learning Korean for a couple months now and I'm finally getting started. I love languages in general (I studied German, French and Latin growing up). And I think it's safe to say I'm currently a tad obsessed with Korean culture so it's been fun. I'm working really slowly so that I starting thinking in the new sounds instead of just trying to translate or Romanize them and I must say I have a whole new appreciation for what Lucy is doing. I think everyone should try and learn a new alphabet before they start teaching their children how to read. I'd like to think I'd have buckets of patience and understanding either way but that may or may not be true. My mom used to say "Patience is a Virtue" to us as kids and when I was being a snarky tween I distinction remember replying something to the effect of "I have other virtues. I can't be perfect!"

And now I'm out. Actually, I'm not but naptime's over so that's all for now...

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