Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Dear Jonah,

This isn't great but it was the best - by far. I'll have to post the outtakes later because they are good, you know, in a bad photo way.

My little man is growing up. I'd feel a little sad except I love watching you learn how to communicate more and more and explore the world.

You have three words: mama, dada, and nana (banana). You have three clear signs: book, milk and more. Milk and more look pretty similar but they are slightly different and context clues are helpful. You also sign choo-choo and water when copying us but don't initiate them. And when you clearly want something but don't know what to do, you just resort to more. It normally works. If it doesn't, you try screaming and screeching.

You love to give kisses (slobbers) and love to hug Lucy even if that means you have to chase her around laughing while she tries to push you off of her.

You're getting even more independent. Your pretty good with your water glass and love to use a fork - although that often means stabbing something then taking it off the fork to put in your mouth with your fingers or picking it up with your fingers to put on your fork into your mouth. Efficiency isn't that important to you.

august 004

You love to climb. You want to be right where the action is. Your obsessed with our concrete stairs outside and love to carry around this 1x2 that's about 18 inches long. In one 3 day period this month, you cut your eyepide, split your lip open, gave yourself a goose egg and bruised your nose.

sept 009
Cut eye lid and goose egg


A little hard to see from this angle but his whole upper lip is swollen. This is a couple hours after the bloody lip fall. Who knew lips could bleed so very very much!

You love books. Now you'll sit in the car and "read" books when we drive. Once we were all in the car and you kept screaming and when I turned back and saw you didn't have a book. Daddy said he gave you a toy but apparently toys are for babies and big boys like books in the car. Now we know.

august 044
It might look like he's smelling the flowers but he's actually looking in the mirror, he doesn't like to smell the flowers. 

august 046
He does like to play peek a boo with Paul, though.

You love to copy us and have started to help. When I hang laundry up, you'll stand next to the basket and hand me clothes. But only if I keep saying thank you. If I don't say thank you after a few pieces, you'll just walk away. You also like to help unload the dishwasher, whether the dishes are clean or not! And you love to follow me around and copy my sweeping and dusting.

You gonna help me out here. mom?

sept 026
Helping Daddy scrape the log.
sept 028
Spent the next week scrapping just like daddy.

august 042
You love "relaxing" in your little chair. I love it when you stay still for a minute. But somehow, you've managed to survive your first year. And I have too! Can't wait to see what adventures await us this next year.


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