13 months

No monthly pictures anymore but I do want to jot down a few notes about milestones.

wol october 002

  • Teeth - 5. He had one at 11 months, 4 at a year and now has added another to the batch.
grandpas 085
  • Signs - 15+ The ones I can think of right now are book, more, milk, water, eat, all done, potty, kitty, horse, bird, elephant, crocodile, monkey, puppy, phone, sleep, train but I'm pretty sure there are more that are escaping me. At first every animal was kitty, now he defaults to puppy unless he knows the exact sign which reminds me, I really need to look up the sign for giraffe and bunny. 
  • Words - Not much. He'll say mama and dada and at times it seems to refer to us, other times not so much.  And occasionally "nana" for banana but not reliably. He does consistently make animals sounds though - neigh and moo, as well as elephant and a monkey sounds. Can you tell he likes animals?
wol october 019

  • Other cute stuff - He loves the itsy bitsy spider. He loves to do "How big is Jonah. So Big!" He can point to his mouth, nose, ears and beep-bo (belly button for you non Sandra Boyton readers). He loves give hugs and kisses, especially to Lucy. Every night before I leave the room, I blow Lucy a kiss and now Jonah has started blowing her kisses constantly from the time I tuck her into bed until we are down the hall and into our room.
  • He's still a big climber although he's pretty good at it which makes me worry less. At my dad's last weekend, he climbed down from the dining room table without so much as a bump. We finally caved and got a more escape proof booster seat which is good but I never really trust anything to contain or control him. 
grandpas 093
  • Toddler. Rarely crawls these days and is starting to get annoyed with being carried. Luckily, he's normally okay with being worn as long as I am moving and he is getting better about walking while holding your hand which helps. 
  • He's my little guy. I don't have accurate stats since his well baby is next week but he's definitely on the small side. He has enough personality to make up for it though. 
  • He loves his hat, he loves his swedish mocassins. Any other clothing is purely optional. 

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