Classics Challenge - Three Men in a Boat

I read this back in January and really thought I had reviewed it as my Humorous selection for the classics challenge but I guess I was mistaken. My brain really is having trouble working these days* so we'll see how much I can remember for this review.

Three Men in a Boat is classic British literature. Recounting the travels of Jerome, his two friends and his dog Montmorency, as they float down the Thames river, it is much more about the descriptions of the events than what happens itself. If you like this sort of Jeeves and Wooster stuff, you'll appreciate this book, and will probably read the whole thing in a Hugh Laurie voice. If not, try looking elsewhere for a laugh. I happened to love it. I didn't read it fast though, just a short chapter before I went to bed to move my mind from the heavier or more intense other books I was reading. It's really a great type of book for that sort of thing.

One side note - the last chapter (or two?) when they are off the boat and telling ghost stories just didn't seem the match the rest of the book. It wasn't bad, just odd. But maybe I'm missing something, like Diana when she thought Anne should drop the cake baking scene?

*A while back someone asked me the name of my church and I couldn't remember. We've gone there since Lucy was a baby! I knew the town and the letter it started with but I just kinda looked at them for a few minutes. Luckily she is another fellow pregnant mom so I'm thinking she knows the feeling.

Three Men in a Boat is my Humorous or Satirical Book selection for the Back to the Classics Challenge. Visit Books and Chocolate to learn more about the challenge.

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