Not so bad

Last week Craig and I had to make some decisions about our future. Nothing to go into here because it's all up in the air but it got me thinking. And I decided I really like my life. I guess I knew that before but these were all the little things I like and would miss if they had to change for some reason. Plus the big things that won't change :-)

I love being a SAHM. I love reading a good book in the sun while the kids ride their bikes and the chickens peck around us. I love baking with my kids even though it makes a huge mess. I love them watching me taste the cookies to see if they are good. I love a cup of fresh milk with my cookies. I love sitting down to tea time with some tea which sometimes is more milk than tea, reading poems and looking at art and hearing little opinions on which is their favorite. I like having my life back. This has been such a long, hard, emotional few months but not being able to fully be a part of it really did make me appreciate it.

A decent mother's day picture! 

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