Mother's Day book - It's May!

Wearing - Maternity Clothes. I broke them out this week. I've actually got very little and need to go shopping. I thought I was up for a little shopping last Saturday but that ended up with me holding a plastic bag filled with grossness on our drive home so perhaps I'm not quite ready for that much adventure yet. But even with the lack of nutrients going in, my body has still managed to put on a few pounds and this week I went from "I know I'm pregnant and can see a belly but I think other people just think I have a mummy tummy" to actually looking pregnant. It's a nice change.I still haven't taken a single belly shot and I do want to but it just hasn't happened yet. Alas. Also, I always think maternity clothes are cute until I get pregnant and have to wear them. Why is that?

Reading - All the books. I was in the middle of three books already when two ILL books arrived days of each other. Ack!

Watching - My kids play outside. I love spring and felt like I was missing it this year but I'm finally able to go outside with the kids. We aren't hiking or visiting parks yet but we still managed to get in 27 hours of outside playtime last week. And I am able to do more reading while sitting outside than I am inside because I have less fight breaking up to do which helps with the above "problem." It's also nice to be able to enjoy their company and remember that I do actually like them and they aren't just bouncy loud nausea inducers which is kinds what they had been.

Eating - A fairly regular diet. I still can't get off this stupid zofran but I'm down to just one pill a day and with that I'm able to eat almost anything again. I've not tried a full salad but I did have lettuce wraps with kimchi which was a bit risky but worked out. And Jonah was really excited to have kimchi again after several months of it being not allowed in the house. I love watching the kids with these little chopsticks. He doesn't use the finger positioner at all but he's still pretty good

Planning and Preparing - For the new arrival by working on our morning routine. We had one but the last few months have lost that and Jonah was often in his pajamas until, well, it was time to put clean pajamas on again :-) The first few days were "torture" with lots of "why don't you ever let us play! We just have to do all this stuff and never have time to play!" but I stuck with it and its coming along. It's pretty simple - eat breakfast, clear table, table chores (I need to pass Lucy's to Jonah and give her a new one soon), get dressed, make bed, brush teeth and hair then go play while mommy does bible time. As you can see, I'm obviously a slave driver who never gives her children free time. I still need to do each step with Jonah to keep him on track but he's getting there and Lucy is almost independent - as long as she knows I'm paying attention. I'm thinking 6 more months of practice and they should both have it down.

Doing - A teensy tiny bit of preschool. Mostly we've been outside but between lunch and nap we have been able to sneak in one thing a day - either table time or reading or math. We've all missed this so it's nice to add it back in. I'm sure we'll do more once it gets hot and we don't want to be outside during the middle of the day but for now, I'm just enjoying the spring!

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