A Mother's Daybook - June 3

Reading - Fun stuff. We're getting ready to go on our summer camping trip so I'm putting aside my tougher reads for a little while (The Abolition of Man + relaxing vacation = wrong) and just grabbed Garden Spells and Jane Fairfax from the library. I thought I put The Royal We on hold too but I guess I didn't confirm and now its checked out. Boo.

Listening - The latest podcast from Read-Aloud Revival. Although I've been having to stop it so often to break up fights or because kids are playing a loud game or the plumber starts banging on pipes in the basement, it will probably take me another 2 weeks to finish it.

Watching - Nothing. Craig and I just finished the first season of Broadchurch which was really good, although a bit hard to watch as a mom. Or maybe I just shouldn't have watched it right before bedtime when I was already having crazy pregnancy dream. But it was good and I hope Netflix doesn't take years to get the second season.

I want to be watching Warm and Cozy, the new Hong sisters k-drama but I have to wait 2 weeks for the new episodes because I'm too cheap to pay for Dramafever prime (and if I was going to splurge on a prime k-drama site, it would be viki, I have issues with Dramafever)

Eating - Everything. After a week of trying to go without it ending with two days spent almost exclusively in bed, I'm back of zofran. Which is bad because I hate zofran but is good because as long as I'm on it, I feel pretty normal.

Making - Collages with the kids. Otherwise known as mommy cleaned out the art closet to make room for new things and anything that doesn't get used today is being tossed. The kids made a mess but had fun and almost a whole plastic bin was emptied.

Planning - A breezeway update. The breezeway is what we call the odd little entryway/mudroom area between our house and garage. The house and garage were added after the house was built so it's just a weird set-up. And its been neglected for far too long. Which is sad because everyone except the postal lady and the plumber/electrician use the back door (so pretty much the opposite of Richard and Emily Gilmore) and it really puts the humble in "welcome to our humble abode."

But Craig recently added a door to the garage part of the room so we can lock the garage and now he's ready to paint the room for me so I can put down the floor. Back when we did the bathroom, I got enough tile to do this room as well and after having used the bathroom for a while, I think the tile will work very well. It's sturdy but not slippery when wet. Although I'm not sure why we keep planning these tiling projects for when I'm 5 months pregnant. And eventually (and by that I mean when Ikea finally comes to town), I hope to add some benches and shoe storage, a drop down drying rack for winter mittenes/hats and summer swimsuits and maybe a spot for our recycling. Right now we do all those things there but not in any organize fashion and it gets really messy really fast.

But first up is the paint and I'm totally stuck. Normally, I know just what color I want in a room. I might now know what precise shade of "slightly greenish but mostly blue teal and take 2 weeks to pour over samples to pick just the right one but I always know my general starting area. This time, I got nothing. Hoping a naptime or two spent on pinterest will help.

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