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I could have swore I posted this but I just found it in my drafts so - oops!

arch 001

After living in the area for over 5 years now, I finally went up in the arch. I really dislike the idea of living someplace but never doing the major attractions in the area but everyone came to visit when Lucy was a newborn and Craig took them all then. So when Lucy asked, I figured we needed to go before I had another newborn/excuse to put it off.

arch 006

arch 008

arch 010

When we visited the outside when Lucy was a tot, she was all about the weeds. This time Jonah was the toddler and he just wanted to hang. Monuments are lost on the under 3 crowd. 

arch 013

arch 015

Riding up the "tram." I'm not terrible claustrophobic but between my belly, having to keep Jonah on my lap and the overall limited space, I was quite glad to get out of this thing.

arch 016

Note - it didn't smell bad. I think Jonah's trying to pop his ears.

arch 019

arch 020

In what has become a typical Lucy tourist reaction, she got upset at having to leave the arch behind. Hugs and tears were involved. And if you watch the video, you will see that she even kissed it and while I am hardly a germaphobeic parent, I think y'all have to agree that - eww! But in my defense, I was just walking up with Jonah and didn't even see the kiss until we replayed the video so that is all on daddy/videographer.

arch 021

Crown Candy for some dinner and malts cheered her up though!

arch 024

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