The things they say - Poetry and Potty Talk Edition

Me: Lucy, do you want to do a reading lesson now? I'm done with the dishes.
Lucy: Yes, well, I want to play this though.
Me: You can play instead, that's okay.
Lucy: No, I want to do a reading lesson but let's pretend that you are the teacher and I am the kid who is being homeschooled and you are teaching me about reading. It will be fun.
Me: I think I can do that

Jonah, Lucy and I are all snuggled in bed one morning.
Lucy: I'm being smooshed. I only have as much room as a Zebra stripe!"

For Background: We live next door to a car repair shop which I shall call "Bob's Car Shop" (note to creepy stalker people, it's not actually called Bob's Car Shop so no need to google). 

Lucy: What's that?
Me: It's a tow truck.
Lucy: It takes broken cars away right?
Me: Right, that car must not be working right now.
Lucy: Oh my, they had better get that car to Bob's Car Shop!"

I posted that on their local page and they all got a kick out it.

Reading Lucy a birthday message which ended, Love, Aunt Steph
Lucy: Love Aunt Steph? I already do!
I had to explain that the card wasn't really meaning to be bossy :-)

I know we do things a little differently, but it still sometimes hits me sometimes. This conversation happened while we were camping in the yurt.

Lucy: What will we do if it rains?
Me: Go inside the yurt and play or look at books.
Lucy: Or watch something?
Me: Well, we didn't bring the computer
Lucy: But there is one of those things that you can watch shows but you can't pick what is on like in a hotel (she's referring to a tv)
Me: I don't think so
Lucy: Yes, right over the fridge!
Me: That's a microwave
Lucy: What's a microwave?

To be fair, she does know what a tv is, she just can't ever remember what its called. But she had no clue what a microwave was and I had to take a couple minutes to explain it. We don't have one but I guess I didn't realize that neither do any of the other homes she frequents. Maybe we'll find a neat science experiment for our next trip to the Grandparents, like blowing up soap or something.

We've been getting a lot of rain lately which apparently brought up Lucy's inner poet.

Today, today
The sky is gray
Rainy weather's on its way

And then there's Jonah, who was supposed to be taking a nap when I overheard this.
Jonah: "I'm going to say potty talk now". Pauses..."Potty talk! Potty talk! Potty talk! Am I in trouble? No!"

I guess he found a workaround for the "No potty talk" rule.

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