A Day in the Life

I wanted to get one of these done before baby comes and everything changes again. I'm not sure it turned out to be a typical day but its pretty close.

4:45 - Craig leaves for work. I can't go back to sleep. After about 15 minutes I stop trying and just grab my phone and read a book on the kindle app. Jonah's in bed with me already so I can't risk turning the light on.

6:00 - Try to sleep again. Fail again.

6:45 - Lucy joins us.

7:00 - We actually get out of bed. I start my bible reading while kids play. Normally the kids go to sleep in their bunks at the same time and talk but last night Lucy had her first american heritage girl meeting and Jonah was asleep when she got home so they greet each other with a hug and excitedly tell each other what happened while they were apart. Wish I had grabbed a picture.

7:15 - I finish reading my bible and skip my devotional type book (currently - Sacred Marriage) because I've been awake for too long with no food. So on to Eggs and Toast. Jonah dawdles so Lucy and I have eaten and done our table chores and she has even finished morning tasks (make bed, get dressed, brush hair and teeth) and is playing while he is still sitting at the table talking to himself.

7:45 - Jonah's done and I help him with his table chore and morning tasks and send them outside. I get dressed, finally let the poor impatient chickens out of their run and check on the kids/put on bike helmets. It's sprinkling a bit so I tell them if it starts to really rain they can come inside but she replies "It's okay, we'll just grab our umbrellas and say "tut, tut, it looks like rain." I go back inside, start laundry, prep my bullet journal for the day and make sure I have a dinner plan. I do! I start the marinade now so I don't have to think about it later. I run out of sesame oil so I mentally add that to my growing pre-baby stock up at Trader Joe's list. Then I add make Trader Joe's list to my bullet journal because mental lists aren't really working for me these days. I also take my first iron cocktail of the day -floradix, hemoplex, and yellow wort mixed with orange juice. It's supposed to have chlorophyll in it too but I left that out on the counter tonight so I'll have to swing by the health food store today and pick up more.

8:00 - The kids have checked on my 3x already so I finished up the marinade, pour myself a big cup of pregnancy tea and go outside to see what they are up to. Apparently, they are trying to collect dew like they learned about in our kids nature magazine It's not really working until they discover that the dome is covered in drops of "dew" that looks suspiciously like rain drops to me but I'm not going to mention that.

They fill up several cups before Jonah starts adding water from the sandbox puddles and I spoil the fun by telling them they can't drink that. 

While they play, I make that Trader Joe's list, send some text messages and then do a bit of reading. I'd normally choose to read my library book now but it's an ILL (Kristin Lavransdatter) and the amount of water out here makes me nervous so kindle it is. 

9:15 - Jonah is soaked and covered in sand so we head inside where we do school amidst some chaos. The order is something like this - piano practice, Jonah's tantrum because he is still cold, wet and dirty and wants me to help him get changed but refuses to let me touch him or the clothes, table time with bible verses, a countdown to Jonah's birthday (9 days to go!),  the start spangled banner, a impromptu talk about why some lines are repeated which leads to Lucy asking about "that poem with the funny word." After several minutes I realize she is talking about Jabberwocky so instead of our normally poetry time we listen to Benedict Cumberbatch recite it (I pick the version with the jaberwocky drawing, not the one of shirtless Benedict). He's much better at the pronunciation than me and it works well since I need a brief break to go throw up. 

I'm back and feeling okay-ish so its on to some copywork 

and math

10:00 - We'd normally do an art lesson today but a certain aunt has an upcoming birthday so we make cards for her instead. I should take videos of the card making process since the process is so much cuter than the result. Jonah is saying "I lu-v you aunt-y-St-eph. Ha-ppy Bir-th-day as he makes lines on the paper. The lines you see at the end just don't show the thoughts that went into it. 

The card making merges into regular drawing time so I leave to switch the laundry, make a few phone calls and then reward myself for making the phone calls by doing some sewing at the other end of the table. With about one inch of a teeny tiny neckline left to sew before the shirt is finished, my machine goes crazy. I know I don't have the patience to troubleshoot bobbin issues unless its naptime and quiet but I try unthreaded everything and threaded it again which is basically the sewing machine equivalent of the IT crowd "have you tried turning it off and on again" and miraculously, it works! I finish up the outfit which I would show you because its adorable but its gendered so it might end up as a gift depending on what our baby happens to be.

11:00 Lunch time. I heat up leftovers (with red meat!) and help the kids make their pb&honey sandwiches while trying to keep Jonah clean enough that we don't need to put on outfit #3 before noon. Jonah declares it to be "the best sandwich I have ever eat. I can hardly believe it." That seems impressive until you realize that the apples slices I gave him elicited a similar response "These are so good I can hardly eat them!" They were hand picked by us at a field trip earlier this week and are pretty tasty but I really think he's just going through an enthusiastic period. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes and I should unload them but my back decides that much bending would not be a good idea.

11:30 - Things are going downhill. Free play started out as two kids playing nicely but has become "he's thinking about touching my castle" and other such lovely kind sentiments.

12:00 - I declare it naptime fifteen minutes early. We read stories and Jonah proceeds to not nap in bed next to me until he finally gives up about 12:45 and sleeps. I'm reading a book but fall asleep with about half a chapter to go.

1:15 - Lucy's up. She only has to rest until her classic music cd ends and its but she's typically very good at playing quietly by herself after that so I let her play by herself and go back to sleep.

2:15 - Jonah and I get up. I take Iron cocktail #2 while they have a snack. I tell them it has to be a quick one because we need to leave soon and offer choices like apples, bananas, applesauce packets and granola bars. They choose plain bread which is very weird (store bought! I'd understand if it was homemade) but fine with me.

2:45 We leave to meet Craig at his carpool drop off spot. He takes kids to the park while I go get my semi-annual hair cut. I get at least 5 inches taken off since I figure I'm going to loose a lot after the baby comes so it would be easier to deal with shorter pieces all over my bathroom. I try to take a selfie for you all but fail miserable. So I'm sorry, you'll just have to believe me. It's shorter than it was.

4:40 I'm home but kids are not. I open up some fabric mail. So lovely! I can't wait to get started on some fall clothes for Jonah. I hide it away before he can spot it.

4:45 Still no kids/Craig so I grab some pregnancy tea and dark chocolate covered coconut which I've been eating daily to help with my iron. And because its tasty. I grab a parenting magazine. I find these things to be so ridiculous (I wouldn't say an immersion blender is a "hidden hazard" that I need to be warned to keep away from my small child, aren't the dangers of exposed sharp spinning blades pretty obvious?) but I've been getting it free for some reason so I read it and laugh. 

4:47 - Kids are home. I pop the last chocolate in my mouth before they notice it and demand some. Instead they ask for cheerios and milk. I think about how I should be starting dinner but realize this will buy me about 15 minutes so I, surprisingly, say yes. 

5:00 I start dinner - beef and veggie chinese noodles. Lucy's playing nicely while Jonah is sitting at the table getting into trouble. How can he get into trouble just sitting there? He's got talent. First he finds a dry erase marker and marks all over our plastic cover. I erase it. He takes the cover off and smooshes it all up. I move his chair away from the table while I put it back so he sits and screams "put me back" while I ignore him. They he starts crying because daddy isn't playing a game with him even though daddy said he would play if Jonah got one out. Fun toddler times. I stick with the ignoring method because I'm pretty sure he just needs dinner and delaying will only make things worse. 

Since the meat is already marinaded, its a pretty easy meal so we all sit down and eat a few minutes later and its a hit since even with the cereal snack, they both have seconds and Jonah even eats some meat (he's not big on meat at all so I'm very happy!). With food in his belly, Jonah's mood is remarkable better. I, on the other hand, get so tired at the table that I have to lie down before everyone else is finished eating.  

Jonah gets his game with daddy while Lucy practices piano (her own decision!) and then writes some math questions on Jonah's dry erase board for him. She's "teaching" him how to write his numbers and says she's starting with 0 and 1 because "he really only knows how to make circles and lines so those are the ones he can do."

I'm lying on the couch thinking about the dishes that are not done and the laundry in the basket at my feet. Craig brought it up from the basement for me and I should fold it but instead I take a bath. Daily warm baths are one of my pregnancy vices. I rarely justify them when I'm not pregnant but my back can't live without them these days. 

7:00 - I get out and discover Craig has gotten the kid's jammies on and they are listening to counting songs on youtube. I'm still feeling really tired and lazy but muster up enough energy to prep bible felt pieces for tonight's bible time, help the kids pick up the living room and read bedtime stories while Craig puts the chickens to bed. 

7:15 - Craig does bible time and finishes bedtime stuff with the kids. I tuck Lucy in once and Jonah in three times (I need my hug! I need my blanket straight! I need to potty!)

8:00 - It's quiet which means they have both fallen asleep. I've been wanting to watch the Harry Potter movies again for a while. I don't think I've seen the last few since I watched them in the theater so I decide to start with #5 and watch one a weekend. By the time I finish, we should have a baby. We get half way through it before I start to fall asleep. Then I realize I've forgotten my iron. I go to take it and realize I also forgot to stop at the health food store and get chlorophyll. Oops. Add that to tomorrow's to-do list. Then I have to keep myself awake for another 30 minutes to take my next medicine. I make it. Goodnight!

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