In the nick of time

Jonah turns 3 tomorrow. Since he is getting plenty of toys from family, I wanted to make him some clothes. Actually, I would have made him the clothes anyway but since his birthday is this month, I figured I'd make them into a present. Of course, that gave me an even more imminent deadline than the new baby's coming one.

But I made it! I finished up the last sweatshirt I planned last night. That particular sweatshirt isn't in this picture because I tweaked a few things on the pattern and wanted to test fit it on him and it ended up being peed on. Life with a boy :-)

And technically, I realized I had just enough green for short sleeves so there is green and black raglan tee cut out but I need to go buy matching thread to finish that up. But what I had planned is done and that's what counts.

In addition to the green/black shirt I will be adding, I'll be on the lookout for some other basic type prints to be added to this set - black and white stripes or stars or things like that. I still have a bit of pirate fabric and lots of the black. And I actually have a black and white stripe maternity maxi skirt that I think might be turned into a couple tee shirts once I no longer have use for it. Kid sewing - it's an addiction!

He's getting:

  • 4 pairs of pants - all based on the cuffed waist harem pattern but I experimented a bit. For the red pair I slimmed the legs a bit, lengthened and just hemmed, they can be worn down or rolled up once or twice. The green ones I added length the the pants and shortened the cuffs and I think that is my favorite for "older" boys. One of the grey pairs is standard and the other is a bit slimmer. That one wasn't so much an experiment as it was an accidental snip of the fabric on the legs. But it works either way. I gave him one pair of the grey pants last week and he's already worn them several times. I love the look. Not too crazy harem-ish but roomy and flexible for climbing and bike riding. 

  • Two raglan tees. The red and black raglan tee I altered to be 3/4 length but I stuck with the pattern for the black and pirate. I've also made him another raglan that matches on of the baby's outfits and either the grey or red pants. Which of course means he will try and wear it with the green pants
  • raglan scooba hoodie is the free pattern. I did the optional arm seam detailing and it was a stretch for my abilities so it looks a but more handmade that it would without it but I'm trying to improve my skills so I'm glad I tried it and Jonah won't care. 
  • A hoodless hoodie (black and grey, not shown because of aforementioned pee incident) was made from the same free pattern but I made my own neckline. I'm not totally happy with the result but again, Jonah really liked it.
  • The slouchy beanie is my only non brindille and twig pattern piece. I used this free pattern and it looks huge but actually fits both him and Lucy well. He tried it on and said he liked it but would only wear it when it snows. Maybe I can at least convince him to wear it for a picture. 

The grey and pirate fabrics are french terry and I think french terry is my new favorite thing ever. It's just so soft I want to roll around in it. Jonah loves it too. The one pair of pants and the sweatshirt he's tried on have been big hits. The calls them "my softy clothes, because they are so soft I love them so." I just adore the pirate fabric. Its a very close match to the blanket he sleeps with and luckily it was a remnant so it wasn't ridiculously expensive and just long enough to make the shirts. I still have enough for another 2T or 3T shirt or, if we have another boy, maybe a matching baby shirt/hoodie or two.

The red and green are cotton/spandex jersey knit. And the black is 100 cotton% jersey knit from target sheets (a very inexpensive way to get knit fabric, especially if you are just looking for a basic solid color!).

Now I need a nap.

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