A Mother's Daybook - Last day of September!

Planning and Preparing - AO Year 1. Not because I really need to yet as I still don't plan on starting until at least January/February but because I need to be doing something right now! I mean, something other than sitting here wanting to not be pregnant. And its good. I'm working on all the little details now, finding and printing maps, making a list of read-alouds (because we've read many of the assigned free reads already) and imputing them into our library's list for easy holds, and reading up on the little things. I feel like I've got a good grasp of the basics (at least in theory, I'm sure things will be tested once I try and put them into practice) but there are so many articles on the AO page that I've finding lots of other stuff to read and ponder.

38 Weeks - and most likely the last belly shot you are gonna see.

Feeling - Very big and very very pregnant. And it's not just a feeling. I'm 38 weeks now but at my 37 week appointment I was measuring about 42 weeks and I've gained about 50 lbs. I'm not worried about it health wise because that's pretty typical for me and each time out pops a completely healthy medium sized baby, no worries about gestational diabetes or anything. Plus I manage to lose the weight fairly quickly as well. But it is extremely uncomfortable. And none of my clothes really fit. All those tags on maternity clothes that say to use your normal sizing are obviously meant for the moms who gain 15-20 lbs, not me. I'm trying to keep myself somewhat put together but I think I'm about a week away from giving up and wearing Craig's shirts and shorts around the house.

Enjoying -  The weather. We keep alternating between the perfect fall weather and hot again. But today is fall and I love it. Lucy just saw the first orange leaf on our oak tree out front so we added that to our book of firsts.

Reading - Still working on Kristin Lavransdatter. With about 24 hours and 400 pages to go, the library called to inform me my ILL renewal has been accepted. Whew. So I've got a bit more time but not much. I'm so close though, I'm pretty sure I can do it. I've only got a couple hundred pages left and I really want to finish it. The first book of the trilogy kinda got on my nerves a bit but its been growing on me. So other than bible/devotional readings, I'm having to give up on reading a variety in favor of all Kristin, all the time. (Update: I finished last night. I think I need a few days to think about it before I can write up a review but I feel accomplished right now.)

Eating/Drinking - Whatever I want. My iron levels have finally gone up. I'm still on a high level of supplements to keep them there but I no longer have to plan my meals around iron. Yay for chicken for dinner tonight!

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