Baby gets baptized

Norah's baptism was last Sunday. It went well. Lucy and Jonah were wondering if she was going to cry when she got wet. Considering that she normally falls asleep around that time in the service, it was a legit question. But she did really well and appeared to be listening to Pastor Bill the whole time. Lucy and Jonah, especially Jonah, did a wonderful job of standing quietly next to us. I was more worried about that than any crying from the baby because about 10 minutes before this happened...

this was happening.

He was just not feeling the family photo op. I'm not sure why he gets like that. Sometimes he's just fine with photos and other times it's like he thinks the camera is going to suck his soul out. But Craig and the girls went inside and I was able to calm him down. We did get a decent one of the baptismal girl and me although I'm making a fake smile because what you can't see is Craig holding a thrashing tantruming Jonah just behind our lovely photographer. 

But after the service, he was all about the pictures and insisted we stop and take one of him and his favorite baby on her special day. Of course, I'm not in it, the lighting is bad and Norah's got her scrunch face on (its a common face of hers but it doesn't really reflect a bad mood). 

This is why the family portrait in our living room gallery wall is from the week after he was born. I haven't been able to get a really good one with all of us yet. It will happen! Until then, I'll just keep sharing the disastrous attempts.

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