Norah @ 7 months

7 months! We made it! It's been a rough month. Since your six month update you have learned to crawl and pull-up and climb. And with that has come a lot of falling. A lot of crying. A few cuts and even more bruises. More crying.

You also got your first tooth. Overall, the teething wasn't bad, you just wanted to bite stuff all the time. Not teething toys, that would be too easy, but things like your own fingers (cue more tears!) or my shoulder or leg. And the drool. I put that shirt on for the above picture, immediately took you downstairs for the picture and two minutes later, it was already all drenched. I suppose that means your 7 month picture is indeed an accurate representation of you this month. Except that you are sitting still, the pictures after this are you lunging forward and flinging yourself down from the chair.

Naps and bedtime haven't been the easiest this month either, you've almost dropped your third nap but sometimes you get confused and just decide bedtime was actually a nap so when 9pm rolls around, you're up and ready to party! As I said - a rough month.

But it hasn't all been bad. You've started solids and you love them! So much! Like, if you don't get food fast enough at the table, you just start banging and banging until it magically arrives.

Foods you love: brocolli, carrots, sweet potatoes, black beans, chicken bits, cheerios, puffs, banana, ground beef (plain AND with taco seasoning), oranges, strawberries, melon, dirt, leaves, grass, that peanut butter chocolate chip muffin you snatched from my hand last week and shoved in your mouth. Since you are much more demanding about foods than your siblings were, you've even gotten some puree and you love that too. You insist on handing the spoon yourself so its pretty messy but prunes, squash, beets.

Foods you don't like: Eggs, in any form. I tried again today and you just threw them all down on the ground and started banging for something else. They were replaced by orange slices and cheerios and the banging stopped.

You also did great on your first camping trip and first trip to the zoo. You love to play outside and I like it too because there is less stuff around for you to pull up (and fall off) of.  Just dirt to eat.

You're siblings have learned that you can now figure out how to follow them which is fun when they want to play (and not as much fun when they don't) but I can often hear, "Come on Norah, come on, follow me". It's makes you seem a bit like a puppy and in fact, they do  sometimes decide that you are the baby goat/puppy/kitty/chick in their games. You are such a good sport about going along with it :-) And sometimes if you in the mood you will even come when they call from another room. They love that and think you are so smart (which is true!). Jonah has taken to calling your "Norah Janey" which actually sounds like "Norah Naney" and is pretty cute.

I thought I'd ask them what you like to do these days and this is what they said:

Lucy: She likes to play with feet and she really likes to swing while I run to her fast.

Jonah: She likes to laugh and smile and cry.

You also like to make great faces. It's not really possible to capture them on camera but we keep trying. Mostly, the scrunch face. It cracks us all up everytime.

So, overall, you're still pretty great and I think we'll keep you are for a while longer. Just let's work on sleeping and not biting, okay.

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