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I said our May break was going to be sewing month and while my joint pain is slowing me down a bit (I can cut out an outfit a day or sew one, but not both it seems), I've still managed to get quite a bit done.

My main goal was to get a few more shirts for Jonah done. If I had a picture of his wardrobe it would show, on the right are all the nice, colorful shirts he has that he refuses to wear. On the left are the ones I handmade, all using the same pattern, Brindille and Twig Raglan in short sleeve version, and the same two colors of Target knit sheets (grey and black). Nothing else will do. He even separates them like that so he doesn't even have to bother looking at the ones he doesn't like. Little stinker.

And on Sunday when I insist he wear a collared shirt to church, he'll wear one of these underneath it and take off the church shirt as soon as he gets home. He does let me use fabric paint to fancy them up a bit. So he's got a black rocket ship shirt, a black and grey wild thing shirt (version 2 since the original was getting small), a black and grey kit (baby fox) shirt....I'm really regretting buying those navy blue sandals last summer. He'll wear them, but not anything that actually matches them! Oh well, life is too short to worry about a non-matching three year old.

I also made him one pair of shorts in black too, and cut off some of his growing-too-short pants into shorts. I need to find some fun fabric for shorts he likes though because the all grey/black wardrobe is a bit emo for a preschooler. I love cold days because he has to wear pants and at least I can get some khaki in there to lighten it up. I am enjoying his having more that two shirts he will wear though. I like to stay caught up on laundry but having to do a colors load every other day was a bit much.

But the fun set was these "family team" shirts the kids wanted. Because, as Lucy said, "We are a family, that's like a team, so we need to have family team shirts" They wanted matching designs and after much deliberation, went with the "kit" theme. Then I surprised them with the ones for their dolls too. I had planned to put their birth order numbers on the back  but I ran out of fabric paint and they didn't want to wait to wear them. I might go back and add them but in all likelihood, it will never happen. They are still super cute though! And they love to match. I put Norah's on her this morning and when the the big kids saw it, they ran off to get theirs and redress their dolls to match. And then they all cooperated while I took a picture!

All Brindille and Twig Raglan tee pattern. Lucy in Size 6 (slightly extended plus curved bottom added so hers is more of a tunic), Jonah in size 3-4, Norah in size 12-18 month, and the dolls are printed at 70% scale, then use size 3-6 month.

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