Friday Fun day

We used to have Fun Fridays all the time and have a relaxed school day and do adventures just me and the kids on every other Friday (and all together on the Friday's Craig has off) but those sorta morphed into our nature study days since Fridays are when our group met up. That stopped and then we restarted school and it became a regular school day again these past 6 weeks without my even noticing. This week I planned for us to do something - and it didn't work out but it prompted my memory. We needed to have a fun day!

We started with an extra fun breakfast of sour dough crepes. This is the easiest sourdough recipe I've done so far and it was a huge hit! We'll be making them again for sure.

We did do a tiny bit of school. Jonah had just gotten his new math and was super excited to try it. I went with Miquon. He's finished MEP Reception and is more than ready for a first grade math - and he wants math daily if its an option!  (I only do school on request with 4 and 5 year olds). I have MEP Year 1 all printed and ready but I wanted something more hands on since he's so young. We did the first page which was understandable fairly simple and he went along with it but then I went forward a bit and he really liked it. He told me "Mom, I just feel like my brain is getting the right math exercise now"...how cute is that?! It's been about 4 months since he finished MEP and I've held off and tried to get by with just his little Rod and Staff preschool books which have a bit of math in them but clearly he missed it.)

Lucy and I did a short math lesson and the last AO readings of the week. I had expected to be fitting these in around stuff so I made sure to leave her favorites for today (Wind in the Willows and Pilgrim's Progress) and we had no problems getting that done.

Then they played and played and impatiently waited for quiet time. Before you think that is a misprint, I have to tell you that they knew we had something fun planned and my kid's love nothing better than something labeled A PROJECT. This one really needed to be toddler-less and that meant we had to wait for Norah to nap. They were practically begging me to put her down at 10am. If only it worked that way kids! You are probably lucky it doesn't some days. Finally she slept and we painted peg dolls!

While they worked on theirs


A few of Lucy's. I really like the little penguin in the middle. 

...I did some special requests. I hope most of them are recognizable but I'll tell you so you don't hurt my feelings by asking ;-)

Wonder woman and Moana

Spiderman and Iron Man. I had plans to add more black to Spiderman but Jonah likes him as he is and I'm afraid I'd mess it up. 

Norah did not actually request these but I knew she'd be upset if everyone got some except her so these are based on one of her favorite books, Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow. Not to be confused with whatever Game of Thrones thing that came up when I tried to search for that book. I have no first hand knowledge of GoT but my guess is that what that is referring to would probably not be appropriate for a children's toy.

You'd think that would have been enough fun for today but we quickly made banana bread and headed off to finish up Lucy's Family Helper Badge for American Heritage Girls. She had planned a fun family activity for us all - a hike and picnic at a neat local park. I snuck in a bit more school as we listened to a podcast about our current composer Telemann on the way there and Chronicles of Narnia on the way home. I'm a bit worn out so I'm not sure if we'll be cramming this much fun into every Friday but we all really enjoyed our Fun Friday and I'm sure it won't be our last.

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