Mother's Daybook - Juice, death and the sun

Listening to - To the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack. I was kinda obsessed with it for a while and now Norah is too. All of Lucy's dress up clothes were a bit big on her and we couldn't get the proper effect from a silkie so I bought her a Belle dress and she's so adorable in it. Wearing it around and dancing. I haven't gotten a good picture yet but I'll keep trying.

Also, listening to - Norah really start expanding her vocabulary. Her speech has been slightly delayed. The delayed thing didn't bother me except there were some concerns about her hearing earlier on and we've gotten answers ranging from "She's totally fine" to "She's definitely got an issue" which was driving me crazy! The most recent feedback we got from testing at a Children's hospital was that her ears together are good and she shouldn't have any speech issue because of what she can hear and we can either continue testing by going back repeatedly (only because you can only get a tot to give you about 10 minutes of info) or just wait until she's old enough to tell us the answers instead of responding to the flashing puppy puppet. We're choosing to wait and at this point, I don't really think there is an issue but it's still really excited to hear her start to talk. Even more so than it already would be. Just this past week or two we've hit the point where you never know what random words she'll add. This weekend it was "Honey, Honey"...as in, "Honey, Honey, how he thrills me" Yep, my baby was singing along to an Abba song. Today it was strawberry. I mean, you probably wouldn't have know it was strawberry but the kids and I did. Plus she was holding a strawberry and that helped.

Watching - Okay, this is a bit bizarre but stick with me. I enjoying watching Darci Isabella's youtube channel. That parts not bizarre, she's a minimalist homeschooler with chickens, of course I'd love her. BUT after her video about her plans for a minimalist wake and funeral, another channel kept showing up in my recommendations. At first I was all like "uhm, thanks but no thanks, youtube, I don't think Ask a Mortician is really the channel for me. But then I finally caved and watched an episode and it's totally fascinating and this particular Mortician, Caitlin, is really funny. Now, this comes with a caveat. I don't watch all her videos (some go to topics I'm just not comfortable with) and I don't agree with all her views, especially in the areas of religion and physician assisted suicide.

But I've really enjoyed some of her historical based ones as well as information on green burials. That's something Craig and I have talked about in the past and its not uncommon for one of us to send the other an article about home burial or family burials. I realizing this post is taking an interesting turn but I've (re)learned in the last month with the passing of one of my best friends that even being in your 30's doesn't mean you shouldn't have a plan. So if I die (hopefully many years from now) and Craig seems to be going all crazy with talks of cardboard coffins and cremation or green/minimally invasive burial practices, you can kinda trust that I'm okay with all that. No embalming necessary here people (unless there's a specific reason and there might be, I've got family all over the country and three kids so I don't know, there might be). We haven't gotten into specifics or anything as of now, but overall, I really like Caitlin's basic philosophy on burials and being involved with your family's death time decisions. Now, moving on to something more fun...

Excited about - The Eclipse! Oh so excited! We're in a great area for it (over two minutes of totality!) and have even rented out the basement on airbnb. Craig's taking the day off and we've got some friends coming it and Craig's already started his on/off live streaming of the events on facebook. Yes, we're dorks. No, we don't care.

Drinking - Juice? Well, I'm starting to. I'm giving juicing a try. Because, despite my earlier topics, I really do want to live a long time :-)  My first batch wasn't the tastiest but I got it down. I had just gotten my hands on a juicer and didn't have any of the tastier additions I've heard suggested like green apples and lemons but at my next grocery store trip, I'll pick those up and give it another shot. But if you have any favorite fresh vegetable juice recipes, please share!

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