Classics Challenge - Fellowship of the Ring

I'm doing well on my Classics Challenge reads, not so well on my posting about it. I actually finished this a while ago. Notice I didn't say finished "reading" this because I actually listened to it. I think that was a mistake. I listened to Kay Ray's version over on her website and while she does a fantastic job and you certainly can't beat the price (free), I struggle with audiobooks under all but very specific circumstances. And I struggle with long descriptive passages. So why did I think an audiobook version of a book with a lot of long descriptive passages would be a good fit for me? Clearly, I didn't think.

That said, I enjoyed it when I could stay awake. And while staying focused on some sections was difficult for me, I probably would have done a lot of skimming if I read it so maybe being forced to slow down with the audio did me some good. Maybe. Not enough to listen to the next. I mean, I do want to continue the series but this time I'll stick with print. It's hard to know what else to say because

1) This is the Lord of the Rings! It's certainly a modern classic but it's not like you need a overview of what it's about. I actually don't understand why I have never read these. I've read the Hobbit multiple times but I started reading that when I was really too young for the LOTR so they didn't really seem totally connected and I never kept going like I may have it I had first read the Hobbit as a teenager or older.

2) It's technically three books but its not like the story stops here at all really. I'm basically 1/3 of the way through a really long story and I'm looking forward to seeing the real whole story play out and not just the movie version and to see what new connections I make, especially as the action picks up a bit.

The Fellowship of the Ring was my Back to the Classics 20th Century Classic selection. For more Back to the Classics Reviews, head over to Karen's blog Books and Chocolate.

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  1. I found you through the Back the Classics challenge - I'm planning on (re)reading LotR for the 20th century novel category. I'm not sure yet whether I will link to my review of FotR, or review RotK and link to that instead. (After that I will have 2 categories left: classic by a woman & classic with an animal in the title). I like FotR but I prefer the other two, so I'll be interested to see what you think when you read the rest.