Moana, Belle and a Tiger for for a walk...

Norah and her Beast. Jonah was supposed to be the Beast but, as he has done before, he changed his mine at the last minute and really wanted to be a tiger. So I spent the last Friday and Saturday hand sewing stripes on orange pajamas in time for a Saturday afternoon party. And then he lost his mask at the party! But they found it in time so trick or treating wasn't ruined. I wasn't going to let the Beast costume go to waste so we made it work for Craig. 

I went as the Moana's ocean. My saturday version was cuter with some sea creatures and a treasure chest taped on as well but tonight was cold and I wanted to bundle up more. 

I was just happy I finally convinced Norah she could wear some layers with her Belle outfit. It was a tough sell but once I pulled out the "No candy without a jacket" she caved. I love Trick or treating with a 2 year old. They have no idea what's happening at the beginning but it doesn't take long for them to figure it out. Norah added two new words to her vocabulary today: Candy and Thank You. I'm not into rewards as a general parenting principles but you can't argue that positive reinforcement doesn't work in the short term! Plus, they can't count so my parent tax can be higher.

And  my little tiger was much more adventurous this year.  He was saying Trick or Treat to everyone and even told his joke about 50% of the time (still freezing up the other half but that's progress!). Luckily Lucy's always on hand with hers and he knows if he just stands next to her, he'll manages to get some candy anyway. 

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