Mother's Daybook - The not quite fall enough edition

Listening - Fall music? Well, I want to be! I never realized how seasonal my music preferences are until I heard someone mention that concept and its totally true for me. I have a fall playlist on spotify that I'm slowly adding to but I'm struggling to make it long enough that I don't hear the same songs 5 times when I need an hour of music while I clean. From what I am selecting, Its pretty clear I like  folksy bluegrass music in the fall - and really only the fall. Like Mumford and Sons style except for some reason I don't seem to actual like most Mumford and Sons songs. This is very confusing to Spotify. I keep adding songs to my fall list and it keeps suggesting those and I reject them but add other similar ones and it tries again. Poor Spotify. But it also suggested The Avett Brothers which I have liked just in time to find out they are coming to my town in 4 days. Not that it really makes a difference as they are sold out and I'm not really a concert going gal but it was a fun coincidence I suppose. But back to music, feel free to suggest songs you love in fall. Just not Mumford and Sons. Well, you can suggest specific M & S songs and I'll give them a listen, but no promises.

Drinking -  Not apple cider. This is a shame. I must remedy this soon. I also need to stock up on more tea. Not that I only drink tea in the fall. Unlike folk music, I consider tea to be an all season drink but running low in fall is especially awful.

Reading - Some modern stuff, look at me branching out! I've got Bel Canto and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek going and I'm enjoying them both. And I'm still chugging through the Bonhoeffer bio I'm reading. It's great but the subject matter is intense so I can't always bring myself to pick it up. I've also got Wives and Daughters on my phone. I can't break the 19th century habit I've got going completely.

Preparing - For third term of the school year. I'm starting to get all the songs and poems for our term compiled. It's what I should be doing now but since it requires the computer, I tend to get distracted. But before we start term three, with any luck, another person in our house is going to doing a bit of learning - that's right, it's potty learning time! Actually, I hate the phrase potty learning. Potty training people! Training doesn't have to be a horrible thing. Yes, we do train dogs but runners train for a marathon and workers get trained at a new job, it's not a animal specific term. #soapboxover

She seems really ready and actually has for a while but I'm finally setting aside some time and actually trying to get it done. I reserve the right to cancel the whole thing but I do think it will go smoothly. And really, seeing a little toddler bum in undies is about the cutest thing ever. Seriously! Tiny tushes! The cuteness!

Missing - My Lucy girl! But she seems to be having a blast with her Grandma and Grandpa at Disney World this week.

I'm finding it kinda crazy how taking one person out of our house changes the dynamics so much.  Norah keeps saying "Noona Bob Noona Bob" so she clearly misses her (Noona is what she calls Lucy which isn't correct Korean but she's not actually Korean and not even two so I'll let it pass :-) and she's shortened "Grandpa Bob" down to just Bob. It never fails to make me laugh. Jonah is doing better playing by himself than I expected but he has been calling Norah over to be a companion quite a bit. She's not as obedient as he would like but then he isn't when Lucy suggests things either so shoe's on the other foot now, little bud! But we've been keeping busy ourselves. Craig took Jonah fishing and I took Norah to a park and then took both to storytime at the library. We haven't done that in a while. It's fun to be a mom with just littles and go back to that stage for a while. But I'm still ready for Thursday to be here and us to have her back with us. 

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  1. I love Milford and Sons! "Timshel" was personally meaningful when I went through a miscarriage. "Roll Away Your Stone" is probably my all time favorite. Be warned that one song on each of their first two albums drops "f bombs".

    Have you tried any Lumineers? Kind of a similar aesthetic. And The Hunts is a family group (former homeschoolers I think) that have a folk / bluegrass vibe.