Home again

We are back. We made it into town about 2:30 this morning after a very long day. We arrived Wednesday and spent the next two and a half days visiting family and helping prepare for the big graduation day party. I did sneak in some time to take pictures (I'll try to get them editing and posted in a semi-timely manner) and go on a tour of the farm. It's much more fun to do that in May than it is in January.

Yesterday as we were on the way to check our next flight's information to see just how long our layover was going to be, I spotted someone who looked familiar, just like my friend and old co-worker. I was about to consider it a coincidence and move on when I noticed she was with someone else who looked familiar - her husband! In an amazing coincidence, we both had several hour layovers at the same place. We hadn't seen each other in quite a while (neither of us were married back then) so we had a great time grabbing dinner and talking about what were were up to. I have to say, if you have a 3 (that turns into 4) hour layover someplace, meeting up with an old friend is a great way to kill time.

So now we are back and trying to get things back in order. We might try to plan something else fun to do tomorrow so I want to make sure I am ready. I'm trying to grab all the Craig time I can right now.

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