Goat Cheese Recipe: BLT Wraps (Go vote!)

Ile de France, importer and purveyor of fine French cheeses, likes to have contests for bloggers. I thought about entering their cheese platter contest awhile back, but never got around to it. This time, though, they actually provided the cheese for their holiday appetizer contest to the first 50 to request it, one of which was me. So I got some goat cheese, and perused the internet for recipes to get an idea of what ingredients one generally mixes with goat cheese. I thought that, since its a contest, I shouldn't just find some recipe on the internet and regurgitate it (figuratively). After doing my research, I invented this recipe. Now I am competing against 25 or so other recipes to win $1,000. You can help by clicking the link to my recipe and giving it 5 stars down at the bottom.

Here's a photo of my tangy, sophisticated twist on an old classic:


  1. mmmm I give it 5 stars for just sounding good!

  2. I voted! And Craig really did seem to enjoy eating them. I couldn't because they contained a "soft cheese" although he did give me a piece of bacon to appease me.

  3. why can't you eat soft cheese?

  4. It's one of those crazy pregnancy rules that have recently come out:
    - no soft cheese
    - microwave your lunch meat before you eat it
    - only one can (or less) of tune per week

    Gone are the days of don't drink and smoke and you'll be fine.

  5. I voted! If I ate meat I would probably like it!

  6. Boy, did I vote... Not only did I give Craig 5 stars, I went through and gave everyone else 1 star... lol...