Simple Toys

I've already written about toys I don't like which, to summarize, is anything made of cheap plastic, with batteries, with a character on it, that makes excessive noise, and that can only be played with in one way...but I'm not a total scrooge. Here is a post that I kept me saying "Yes, that is just how I feel." Either way though, Craig has already made me promise that the only thing we will get for Nigel next Christmas is a box.* Because everyone knows babies like boxes more than toys that you spend money on.

Apparently, so do cats. Zeeba is not normally a super playful cat. She is more of a curl up next to you on the couch kinda cat, which suits me just fine. But every once in a while she gets feisty and wants to play. She just doesn't want to play with any official cat toys. Well, there is one toy she likes, a little Christmas tree some of our friends got us after we first got her. And while people may give us looks when they see a stuffed Christmas tree in our living room in the middle of July, at least right now it works with the decor.

But other than that one two, she likes homemade toys better. Her favorites:

- A ribbon, but only when we hold it above her. It's actually quite tiring on your arms but when we bought her a toy with ribbons on the end of a stick, it scared her. I tried to convince her it was the same thing only less of a work-out for me, but she didn't buy it.

- A rubber band. We discovered this about a month ago when I was using them to hold up my pants. I get nervous that she will swallow it so I only let her play when I'm watching but that isn't hard since it is hilarious. The best is when she has it under her foot and tries to pull it up with her teeth. Inevitably, it comes loose and snaps her paw, they she gets mad at it and pulls harder. It's a vicious cycle. I'd stop her, but every time she sees a rubber band she gets excited so it must not hurt that bad.

- A gum ball. The large kind you get for a quarter from a little vending machine. Craig got one last week and despite the fact that she finds her official cat balls with cute little bells inside boring, she loved the gumball. Alas, it disappeared, probably under some piece of furniture. Luckily it is wintertime or we might be having a major ant issue right now.

- The snoogle. Well, not so much the snoogle itself, but what the snoogle does to the bed. Left under the comforter, it makes the bed all hilly and lumpy and improves her pouncing ability (It's actually quite creepy if you want past the room with the lights off, more than once I scared myself thinking someone was sleeping in my bed). Just put a sock on the bed and she is entertaining for quite a while, pouncing and attacking it. But only when the snoogle is in place. Maybe on a flat bed the sock can see her coming so she doesn't bother? Who knows the mind of a cat?

Are there any weird "toys" your pets like to play with. Or is our cat just really weird?

*Can you keep a secret? - I might try to sneak around that rule by putting something in a stocking though. Everyone knows stocking presents don't count as real presents - just don't tell Craig!


  1. Hey! I saw your question on Adventures in Babywearing and thought I could help. I have two boys, one 3 and one 18 months, so in order to really survive, I babywear number two everywhere (though now that number one is bigger, not as much is needed) anyways, When I have to use the bathroom, or number one has to go potty, I usually just keep wearing the baby. Sounds weird, but, you have them on your hip or front anyway, so just let them "sit" in your lap while you go. If they are on your side, kinda move them more to the lap area-if they are on your back, (when they are older) if you only have to pee, you can squat and they will be fine.

    Sounds weird, but if is doable to leave them on-almost like just wearing a coat when you go :) I hope that helped. Try it at home first if you are nervous and you'll see it actually doesn't cause any problem.

    Also, I would recommend getting a ring sling (you can find some affordable ones out there) because the pouch slings don't get as tight a fit-the rings slings are the same, but adjustable for a tighter hold. pouch slings are great for when the babies are older and can hold their heads up. I use mine all the time now for quick in and out errand runs.

    And also, don't worry, IF you don't like babywearing, don't feel pressure. I love it, but there are a few moms out there that can give pressure and loud opinions for or against anything you'll do, so just stay confident with what makes you and baby happy.

    Take care!

    Take care

  2. My cats generally hate cat toys, too. Kitty also loves rubber bands. She will throw them up in the air, chase it if we snap it across the room, whatever... It's her favorite toy... Tonks also likes to play with rubber bands, but we have to watch her, because she will eat it. We found out last night that Kitty also likes to play will the crunch berries in cap'n crunch. Tonks likes scarves, but that involves me having to dangle it... We've also found clothes pins can be entertaining. They each have one cat toy that they like. Kitty has a fish (or two or three) that once was on a string, but Tonks took care of that. And Tonks has this one particular mouse, no other mouse will do. We will think they have disappeared forever when they magically reappear. Kitty likes to chase things, so when she was still a little bitty kitten, we got her this motorized mouse thinking she would go crazy, but it made an awful noise and scared her...