What we've been up to...

In the last week or two, we've:
  • Attended our church's Easter play. Craig is taking a class at church and the instructor, who is in the play, tried to tell us it was a big event so we got there 45 minutes before it started but the line to enter the sanctuary was still all the way down and back the Sunday school hall. I don't think even at that point we knew what was coming. The market scenes had chickens and a donkey, a golden retriever and her litter of pups as well as a goat and several kids. But when the roman soldier rode through the sanctuary on a horse, I realized they were serious when they had asked all audience members to stay in their seats throughout the performance. Unfortunately it was a 2 hour show and there was no way Ms. Preggo can last that long without a trip to the ladies room so I just waited for a time when it seemed implausible for a horse to appear and made a mad dash down the aisle. It was quite the experience.
  • Attended the symphony. We decided to splurge a bit on entertainment the next month or two and have bigger date nights. I've been to the symphony before but I normally fall asleep partway through the second half. Not this time, there was too much kicking going on for that. We actually felt like we were pulling a fast one on the company since three of us enjoyed the show for the price of two. Baby Nigel really responds to classical music. I've been listening to it on Pandora whenever I'm on the computer. Not because I put a whole lot of stock into the baby genius thing, but I have heard that if a baby hears the same music he heard in the womb, it can have a calming effect. I don't know if that will work out but it can't hurt right? Now I'd like to think that all the moving and kicking in response to the music means Nigel likes it, but I suppose it could just as easily mean he hates it and we are torturing the poor kid. I guess we'll find out in a few months :-)
  • Went to our first Slow Food (city in which we live) event and watched Mad City Chickens. The movie was about 80% documentary, 20% weird trying to be funny bits. I could have lived without the funny parts, mostly because they weren't funny and nothing makes an unfunny scene more annoying that listening to other people gaffawing at it. But still, I enjoyed the movie. Of course, now I really want chickens. I wanted them before but mostly because I wanted fresh eggs. Now I want chickens because I want fresh eggs and chickens seem awesome! Chicken friendly neighborhood had now been added to our buying a house checklist. I pity the person who ends up as our Realtor.
  • Gone on three hikes. We found a park just about 10 minutes from here that has several small hikes. The first one we went on was about a mile which isn't too long but there ended up being a few more hills than I expected. Craig practically had to push me up the last 10 minutes of the walk but I made it. The next time we just went down as far as I wanted to, then went back and it was a little more pleasant. I'm getting really tired of walking the same path through the neighborhood every day so it's nice to switch things up now and then.
  • Went to a ladies tea with our Sunday school class. Okay, only I went to this one, Craig was not invited. I had a great time getting to know the other wives better and it turns out that several others in the group are "hippies" too. One of the other women is planning a home birth and several of us are looking for raw milk and grass feed beef sources. It was so exciting to meet people with the same interests.
And that's about it!

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