A week in review

I feel like I just put the blog on automatic pilot last week, I was so busy.

Tuesday was my first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. I had emailed to find out information about when and where they meet but wasn't expecting them to be so prepared for me - I already had a name tag and table assignment when I got there. I felt very welcomed and had a great time meeting my fellow table mates, learning some cake decorating skills, and working on a crafty service project for military families.

Thursday was a fun Bradley class where we were able to meet the previous class and their new babies. They told us their birth stories and we were delighted to meet someone who had delivered with our midwife. They had a great experience with her which was good to hear.

Friday was Craig's day off but it didn't really feel like it. He had a bunch of errands and then we toured our backup hospital. It wasn't strictly necessary but we wanted to know where to go in case we need to. If that happens we will be stressed out enough as it is and we don't want to make it harder on ourselves.

When we got to the hospital, we asked the information desk man where labor and delivery was and he freaked out for a second then cautiously asked if we were wanting to visit someone. I think he might have thought I was in labor but after we reassured him that we were just there to take a tour, he calmed right down.

After the hospital tour I was craving a milkshake so we stopped by Steak & Shake for happy hour. I really enjoyed my mint cookies and cream shake and when I was looking up the protein information online for my nutrition journal, I was delighted to find out it contained 22 grams of protein (I'm supposed to have 100 g/day) but was a little less delighted to see it also contained 1000 calories. Yikes, I don't think I'll be having to many more of those!

Saturday was La Leche League. It was my second time going although this time most of the questions were about working and pumping so I didn't find it as informative. I have to say hats off to you moms who pump; just hearing all the things you have to deal with wore me out. I think it is so awesome you are willing to do that for your babies. Even though I didn't get as much practical information as last time, I still enjoy the experience of hearing stories and growing more familiar with how everything works plus if/when I need help, it will be nice to know who I can turn to. And it is held at a fabulous cloth diaper store and I can always use a good excuse to spend some time looking around there.

That was last week, this week should be fairly busy as well since my mom is coming to visit for a few days while the boys (my younger brother and dad) are off traveling for spring break. I'm not sure what we will be doing but it will probably involve lots of eating, tea drinking and shopping.

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  1. Do you mean that LLL is held at THE cloth diaper store!? Oh the envy!!!