2 months

DSC_0011 008


I can’t believe you are two months (and two days :-) old already. This month you have definitely gone from being a newborn to being a baby. You are 12 lbs 8 oz and 23 inches long and while you are a big spitter-upper, you still manage to eat enough since you are definitely not having a problem “filling out.”

100725 Lucy 002

I love all your little rolls…and you have lots, plus a couple extra chins. You love to eat but have started getting distracted by me when you nurse sometimes. I have to look away from you sometimes or you’ll stop to smile and it makes a mess. But I don’t always mind the mess since that is one of my favorite smiles.

100717 Lucy 023a

First smile on camera ! It took quite a while to get it though.

This month you have started smiling, cooling, rolling over and just these past few days have started reaching for things. We have even learned a few tricks to make you smile, like “bopping” your nose or tickling your chin but you still don’t really like to smile on camera much.

100717 Lucy 041

Every once in a while, we get a cute smile like this.

100717 Lucy 018

But more often than not, this is your “camera face”. It’s still cute though :-)

You love your mirror and your black and white animal pattern cards. Tummy time isn’t so bad as long as you have something to look at.

100725 Lucy 046

And you really do stare quite intently.

100725 Lucy 049

And all that tummy time has paid off. You’re really good at holding your head up, you can go several minutes without resting.

(Even if you have the added weight of a ridiculously big flower)

100725 Lucy 016

You love to be worn. You’ll pretty much sleep anywhere as long as you feel safe and snug in your sling

2010 07 25 013

although you have started looking around when you are in there instead of immediately falling asleep. In fact, I have to leave one arm out of the ring sling or one side down on the moby if you are awake or you start fussing and arching back, you want to see what is going on! I’ve worn you facing out a couple times for short periods of time around the house and you love it. I can’t wait until you are strong enough to do that regularly. You especially love dancing with me in the sling. That is one of our fun “it’s 5 o’clock and mommy is tired” activities that helps us get through that last 30 minutes before dad gets home. The other fun thing we do then is cook dinner. You like to sit in your chair on the kitchen table and watch me make dinner while we chat. I hope we are always able to have nice talks around the table, but hopefully in a a few years you will be sitting next to it instead of on it and your replies will have more meaning. I think we are off to a good start though.

You have started settling into a good routine for our days now, at least in the morning so we try to have fun then when you are well rested and more alert. Our afternoons are not as routine as the mornings but even then you are still happy, just fighting your naps. You will normally give it if I’m willing to hold you. That’s not a problem for me since I manage to get stuff done anyway.

100725 Lucy 003

But you are a good nighttime sleeper. We end the day with a bath before our cuddle time and you love your baths. Even if you are cranky in the evening, as soon as you hear the water running you stop fussing and once we put you in, you just give us the biggest grin. The only problem comes when it is time for the bath to end, you don’t like that part! But once you go to bed, you only wake up a couple times to nurse and neither one of us is really awake so I’m not even sure how often you ate some nights. You used to be a night owl sleeping from about 11pm to 10am but just this past week you’ve finally decided that an early bedtime (~8:30) suites you better, yah! And you still sleep in enough (8:30-9am) that I can either sleep in with you or be productive. Most of the time I choose to sleep in too, but do you blame me?



  1. I got to the picture where she's in her bib with her little smile, and I thought that was the cutest Lucy picture yet. Then I got to "camera face" and realized I was wrong.

  2. love the baby and laptop picture... one of our favorite hanging out positions!

  3. Love this post! All those pictures made me smile, and of course I had to show her off to everyone at work! She definitely brightened my day!