Relaxin' today

We're back home today. After my last post, the doctors did more tests and determined that an operation would not be in my mom's best interest, so they loaded up again, picked up Windsor, my soon to be sister-in-law, who was willing and able to be a last minute backup driver for my dad and headed on home again. A neighbor and close friend of my parents, who I do not think I could have managed that first week without, picked up my older brother Rick (to whom Windsor is engaged, for those trying to keep track) from the airport at 2am Friday morning and Craig drove in Friday afternoon so when my younger brother Ben arrived home from a baseball tournament that weekend, we were all together.

My mom started chemo and radiation last Monday and wasn't sure what to expect as far as side effects go so we kept the itinerary short. Craig had to go off on a business trip before the long weekend but the rest of us spent a lovely week and a half just lounging, eating and having fun together. It was quite a change for Lucy going from the quiet environment of just Ben and I to a noisy household full of people but she did well except for a few nights when I could tell she was just overwhelmed. And of course everyone adored her.

Yesterday was quite a trip, between the drive home and the stops to look at cars to buy on the way, it took over 8 hours to get from one door to the other but we did make a purchase so that is a big stress that is gone. Plus we managed to get what should be a safe and reliable vehicle with enough room for Lucy and still stay within our budget. Last week while I was looking online at options I did not think that would happen so I must say God provided well.

It was hard leaving my parents but now that we are home again, I'm glad to be here. It's quiet, Lucy is sleeping and I am surveying the damage. Three weeks of newborn living means that we left the place in a mess. Craig had plans to clean up while we were gone but with the car wreck and the trip out of town that didn't happen and now we have a mess plus a pile of stuff that was in our old car sitting in our living room plus a bunch of suitcases upstairs that have to be unpacked. So right now I should be putting stuff away and being productive while I can but I'm not going to, this morning I'm just gonna sit a little while and relax. The mess will still be there later.

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