We’re a crazy bunch

100717 Lucy 031

One of the more unusual things I did last weekend was attend a diaper sale. Cotton Babies was having a dollar days sale where they have well-loved (well-used) diapers on sale for $1. I didn’t want to tackle it alone so I asked my SIL to go with me. I wasn’t sure exactly what they had but thought I would go for fun and maybe pick up a few covers – WRONG!

We got there around 8:40 am knowing the doors opened at 9. The line was already around the side of the building and well into the parking lot. The first people arrived at 4:30am – crazy! We took a spot behind a mini-van, trying our best to stay in the shade. Talking to some moms in line, I learned that the only thing they sell at these sales are bumgenius pocket diapers and their was a limit of 25/person. Well, I didn’t really need that many pocket diapers but at such a good price I did want some. Even if they need repairs, the repair kit is only $1 and I’m handy enough with a sewing machine that I felt confident I could easily fix it up. You really can’t beat $2 for a pocket diaper since new they run $18.

At 9am, the line started moving, but slowly. And it turned into the line that never ended. Once we got up to the side of the building, we saw that they had let the first part of the line move indoors to let more people in the air conditioning. Then we turned the corner (and into the shade!) and saw that it wrapped a few times before going inside. Once inside, we saw that it didn’t go straight back to the sale area but instead went through a little loop around the store first. In other words, it was long!

But I have to tell you that Cotton Babies did a great job. The whole thing was run very smoothly and efficiently. They had workers going around to the whole line offering us water, lemonade and bagels. Considering that this was a line of pregnant women, nursing moms, babies and small children waiting in the hot sun for several hours, it could have been a disaster but there was only one fainting incident (and it wasn’t me :-) so hats off to them!

The moms were also great. We were all obviously serious about getting diapers but we were still friendly. If someone had to go change a diaper or chase after a wayward toddler, they could leave knowing their spot would be there. We all chatted about what diapers we liked best and gave each other tips. I even got some shopping techniques for the used diapers (look for good fabric since that can’t be replaced and velcro tabs can easily made a diaper look bad but elastic is really more important since it’s harder than velcro to replace).

And Cotton Babies released their new 4.0 diaper that day so of course we all took a look at the new features and colors. Steph was so kind as to buy Lucy one (in pink!) and a pair of matching baby legs. I think she was a little stunned by the intensity of our love of diapers and the sheer number of women willing to drag themselves and their babies out early on a Saturday morning to buy used diapers. She was such a good sport though. And while I felt really bad about making her wait in line so long, I’m not sure how I would have done it without her, three hours is a long time! Luckily Lucy slept most of it and we took turns holding her. Steph even took her next door to a coffee shop to cool off for a while. Once we were inside in the air conditioning, Lucy woke up and enjoyed looking around at all the excitement. I had to feed her twice but I had my sling with me and even though I had never fed her standing up before, I managed.

By the time we got into the “sale zone” it was about 11 and I was a little worried they would be out by then but there were still tons left. I was even able to grab 2 of the last 3 dark pinks, one of my favorites and a very popular color. 100717 Lucy 034

100717 Lucy 033

You enter the roped off area and it is nothing but 5-6 folding tables with huge piles of diapers sorted by color. More diapers than you have probably ever seen in your life.

Before we left the house, I had told myself I was only going to spend $10 but I didn’t know how good the sale was and I had waited so long that I wanted my “time's” worth so I upped my limit and said I would buy 15, or 5 for me and two of my other cd’ing friends. I actually bought 16 because I miscounted and didn’t realize until I was checking out but it worked out nicely since that meant I got to keep one of every color – a rainbow for Lucy’s bottom. In hindsight, I should have bought more but I was scared I was only getting caught up in the frenzy and would regret it. That is really easy to do at sales but now I regret not buying them. Oh well, there is always next time. And yes, I will be going again next time!


  1. Wow, what a way to spend a morning! ;) Glad you got some good bargains. Lucy looks super-stylin in her new diapers.

  2. That's hardcore. If anybody ever tries to tell you you're not hardcore, they are totally lying.

  3. Next time, I won't plan a trip to the Arch for 11:45 under the assumption that it will only take you an hour or two to go through the line.

  4. What an experience it was!! I had fun though!!!