Just Who Do They Think I am?

The "Who" in this case being Pinterest. I really enjoy the newish "Explore Interests" page. Not really for the ability to explore my interests but because I get such a kick out of what they think my interests are.

Some of them clearly make sense:
  • Gluten Free - my new life
  • Basements - my ongoing project
  • Children's Books - my forever love

Some of them don't make as much, although with a bit of thinking I can think of the reasoning behind them, even if it is a bit of a stretch to think I'd want to explore it.

  • Minnesota - The place where my husband went to college?
  • Flour - Hello, didn't you see the GF board? Get it away from me!
  • Homemade yogurt - Been there, done that. Not really interested right now but thanks

Some of them are probably accurate but make me feel lame because apparently I spend my limited free time exploring paint colors and slow cooker recipes. What a life I lead!

  • Paint Colors
  • Paint Color Combos
  • Neutral Paint Colors
  • Grey Paint Colors - Yes, I've been searching for a paint colors but don't make me sound so desperate
  • Carpet
  • Bathroom Shelves
  • Slow Cooker Recipes

Some are just really random and oddly specific but not very accurate
  • Connect the dots - I'm trying but I still don't know why you picked this category.
  • White cakes - I prefer chocolate :-)
  • Teaching geography - Any other subject I would probably be interested in but geography? Not so much. 
  • Deer Resistant Plants - We actually don't have deer issues although we do have deer. And just a few days ago a baby deer somehow got itself stuck in our yard and was surprisingly difficult to release. But it didn't eat our plants and it was so adorable, I don't think I would have minded if it had.
And some my friends are way too accurate, it's almost scary.
  • Lee Min-Ho - No, seriously, he was the third board up there and a big one too! And those of you who follow me on Pinterest can back me up on this but it's not like I pin pictures of him daily or anything. I don't! But still, pinterest knows. 
  • Kimchi - I love it but I don't ever look for it or try recipes for it. In fact, I can't currently eat it so this is a bit cruel of pinterest. Just rub all your kimchi and flour pictures in my face, why don't you?
  • Ikea - It's coming to our town Fall 2015! Save your pins!
What about your pinterest interest? Do they match the real you? Any random ones that make you laugh?

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