Philadelphia Chicken Family

One of the cds I picked up for our big road trip was Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton which I highly recommend for road trips. Sandra Boynton is just so good. Almost all of her books and songs have become some sort of inside joke in our family. Last Christmas by dad was about to hand out our Christmas Eve pajamas and, very logically, called out "Pajama Time" at which point Craig, Lucy and I all started singing "some are red and some are blue..." while everyone else started at us. But we couldn't help it!

Anyway, on this trip I realized that each of the four of us had a song that really fit us. I found this hilarious at the time. It probably had something to do with the fact that it was 4am and I hadn't slept in almost 24hrs at that point but even now it makes me laugh.

Jonah - Snoozers.

We like to snooze in the morning. We like to snooze all day. 
We like to snooze whenever we choose - snoozing our cares away..
But when the world goes quiet and the evening moon is bright,
 we put on pajamas and hug all our mommas and never fall asleep all night, all night. 
We never fall asleep all night.

 He's been a pretty good sleeper in his toddler months overall but this past month has decided that bedtimes are for losers. You know, losers like mom and dad, certainly not him. So of course, he needs really long naps in the afternoon and there is no waking him up early in hopes of a earlier bedtime the next night. I've tried. So 10pm bedtime for everyone seems to be the new normal - at least for now.

Lucy - I Like to Fuss.

Mostly I am pleasant. Mostly I am good. 
I answer you politely, just as you say I should.
Yes, mostly I am perfect. You don't hear me complain.
 But after so much sunshine, you need a little rain:
 I like to fuss. I like to moan. I like to stand on my chair and say "Leave me alone!"

It's true. Most of the time she's adorable and loving and smart. But those moments. Oh those moments when she chooses not to be, they are rough. I think I'll leave it at that.

MacKenzie - Faraway Cookies

On, chocolate chip cookies so high on the shelf, 
hiding inside of the jar
I'm not tall enough, to reach you myself
so near, and yet - so very far!

I'm currently gluten free. Trying to be refined sugar free, too. Also no bananas, pineapple, cabbage, green beans, kidney beans. navy beans, or asparagus in my diet. Not that you find much asparagus in chocolate chip cookies but it does tend to have a good dose of gluten. Oh well. Someday!

Craig - Busy Busy Busy

and we have to send out messages by email, phone and fax
and we're talking every minute and we really can't relax
and we think there is a reason to be running neck and neck
and it must be quite important but we don't have time to check

This one is the biggest stretch. It's not that Craig isn't busy - oh no, he is super busy. Work, house projects, yard projects, civic involvement and volunteering. But he always manages to find time for the kids and I. Like taking us on vacations to the beach even if it means driving overnight just because his daughter wants to see the ocean (just not touch it) and his wife thinks relaxing on the beach sounds nice. He's a good man, even if he is a busy one.

Are you cool enough to fit a Sandra Boynton song? Which one?

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