The things they say - Vacation edition

On our drive we same the most gorgeous rainbow I have ever seen. It was a double rainbow that stretched across the whole sky. I'm not sure if I have ever seen both ends of the same rainbow until that one. When the sun finally set, Lucy looked up and said "Hey, my rainbow! It's gone. It died!" I had previously explained how the water spreads the color to make a rainbow so I tried explaining that without the sun, you couldn't see the rainbow. Apparently the science was lost of her because her very matter of fact response was simple "Nope, it's dead."

At our stop over at Craig's sisters house, Lucy noticed a picture of her and Jonah. "Mom" she yelled, "Those are your kids!"

The last hour of our trip:

Lucy: 1,2,3,4. I don't want to drive any more! Repeat ~20X
Me: Lucy, that was a fun poem you came up with but let's stop now.
Lucy: Okay. Pause. 1,2,3,4,5, I don't want to drive drive drive.

Walking towards the beach for the first time...
Jonah: Beach! Beach! Beach
Upon seeing beach: Back! Back! Back!
And even walking back to our towels wasn't enough, he wanted to be back at the cottage. Luckily, I distracted him by pointing out some shells and inching us back to the towels. Then he saw Craig and Lucy playing and got closer, but anytime the water came near him that first day, it was "Back! Back!"

Lucy, after burying me in the sand: There, you have to stay there forever
Me: Forever!
Lucy: Yep, till you're dead.
Me: Oh no.
Lucy: You can't sleep. You can't eat. You can't do anything until its time to go to heaven.

Seeing as how both kids refused to go in or even close to the waves and water, I was a little surprised when as we were packing up to go home for lunch and naps, Lucy starts sighing and says "Oh, what if the water misses us! That will be so sad"

Jonah: Bee, Bee, Bee! (It was a fly. He calls any bug he doesn't know the name of a bee)
Lucy: Jonah, what is your favorite thing?
Jonah: Uhh, wa-bah (water bottle)
Lucy: No. What is your favorite animal?
Jonah: Uhh, baby go (goat).
Lucy: No. What is your favorite animal that flies?!
Jonah: Uhh, bee!
Lucy: That's what I knew you were going to say.

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