Waiting on daddy

Dear Daddy,

You've been gone all week and the three of us have missed you but we've tried to keep busy. We...

Made cookies

june 034

june 036

Played at in the creek

june 037

june 049

june 065

Went with Neighbor J to meet Laura from HeavenlyHomemakers.com

june 069

Had dinner with friends.

Went swimming.


Had a picnic

june2 007

Played at the playground
june2 013

june2 016

Took naps :-)

Skipped naps :-(

Made Dinosaur Fossils

june2 020

june2 026

Had a playdate with friends

Decorated for you (and apparently ate some crayons)

june2 018


Now we just need you! 2hrs to go!


  1. How did you make fossils? Zuzu is super interested in them right now. She's hoping the fish we buried in the back yard turns into a fossil soon. I hate to break it to her that it's not going to happen. ;)

  2. Doesn't it break your heart when they are so excited (and normally so sure of themselves) about things that are just not quite possible.

    But the fossils were super easy (except that I had to go buy flour because we didn't have any ;-)


    Jonah's new love is dinosaurs so I plan to put a post up soon with all the dino things we've been doing/reading.