A picture is worth 3 bullet points

This isn't a great picture but I was having trouble describing what I wanted Craig to get in the picture so it is the best we can do. It does show three things I wanted to talk about.
  • The Apron. About a week ago Craig was out at a men's bible study so I had the evening to myself and I was feeling very crafty. I had been looking for an apron but I couldn't find any and while I knew that my mom would be sending my sewing machine in the not too distant future (hint, hint mom), I just couldn't wait. So I walked to Wal-mart and picked up some fabric. They don't have a big selection so I was surprised when I found some cute fabric and matching buttons. The really cute green polka dot fabric was even on sale! Together it cost a little over $6. I found directions on a blog and had a fun time putting this together. I had never sewed ruffles before but it wasn't as hard as I thought. It took about 7 hours in all but if I had my sewing machine it probable would have only taken 30 minutes. Then last weekend, I went to Salt Lake City with Craig and while he was off doing genealogy stuff, I did a little shopping. I went to an Anthropologi and they had a bunch of aprons. Some were cute but not as cute as mine and they were priced from $18-$35! This made me feel very good about my sewing and design abilities and well as my frugality. I would suggest this sort of project if you are looking to fill a craft need or you want a beginning sewing project that is cheap and easy. Although once I have a sewing machine, I will probably need to make another one. This one doesn't cover enough of me. To really be effective, I think I would need something more along the lines of a smock...the kind you put on kindergardeners before you let them paint. I am a very messy cook.
  • My Hair. It's red. The picture doesn't show it real well but there will probably be more of me up here soon so just wait. I have never dyed it before and I was super nervous I was going to end up looking like a freak but it is cute and pretty natural looking. The worst thing about the experience was that they tell you not to wash your hair for 24 before you dye it, then don't wash it for 24 hours afterwards. So at the time of this picture, I hadn't washed my hair is over 48 hours. It was pretty gross but luckily I didn't see anybody I knew during those last 24 hours, except for Craig. I guess technically this blog's name is incorrect now but underneath the red dye, I am still a blonde.
  • The plate. Again, you can't really see them in the picture, but I made muffins. Orange Zest muffins with a brown sugar glaze to be precise. They are super-delicious. I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I know I have already mentioned her blog once or twice but I can't help it. When my blog grows up, I want it to be just like hers. Some might think my obsession with her blog is creepy but on a recent post, she talks about how she is almost creepily obsessed with the Barefoot Contessa, so I know she would understand and not judge me because of it so I suggest y'all do the same.


  1. Is it permanent dye?
    Also, good job on the aprons and muffins. Very domestic!

  2. No, it's natural instincts. It should be gone in about 30 shampoos.

  3. First, really cute apron! I agree with you on the size though . . . I think of my apron as more of a giant bib really :)

    Also . . . red hair! I always wanted to have a little girl with red hair; you've made an old lady's dream come true.

  4. Omg, I know those Anthropology aprons and bought one myself. But yes, yours looks much better, polka-dots and all :)