The working world is harsh.

I received my first paycheck this weekend. It makes me happy to see the fruits of my labor. I only get paid once a month but that is nice because it means my paycheck is two times as big as what it would be if I got paid twice a month (see mom, I told you I was good at math). Anyway, since it was my first paycheck, I had to go online to the HR website and figure out how to view my pay stub and all that stuff and I have to tell you, I don't think I will be doing that again. Viewing my pay stub and all the withholdings that accompany it just stole all the joy that was previously filling my savings-loving soul. They took almost 1/5 of my money from me! Granted about $17 were for health and dental insurance but even so, not cool government, not cool. I realize this won't really come as a shock to many of you were are used to having a job and paying taxes but as I am new to the working world, I still feel the need to vent. It does make me feel good to be a Republican though.