Oh blog, sorry I abandoned you.

I didn't mean to. I haven't been feeling very well lately (and no, it's not because of the election). I actually skipped both days of Ballet this week so now I feel sick and lazy but I did get some good crafting time ('cuz crocheting on the couch is restful, really, even if I start yelling at the yarn because the it is all knotted and Craig is worried I am about to implode). Of course, as Christmas is coming up, all my craft projects are also gifts so I can neither show you pictures of the ones I have completed or talk about the ones I haven't.

But here are some links that you might like, or not, but I did, so there. Go visit these posts by:

My mom - and she didn't mention it but yesterday was her birthday so go over and wish her a happy yesterday, sorry Mom, I had to :-)

Heather - I live in her town but don't know her, yet secretly hope to run into her at HEB someday because she seems super nice and full of wise biblical advice, both things I like. Heather - I don't think you read my blog, but if you do, I swear I am not creepy.

Any of the people on the current Compassion trip
. Because I read most of these bloggers regularly and when the write about random stuff, it entertains me, but when they write about their trip, it moves me. And it will make you want to run out and adopt a baby from the Dominican Republic, or at least sponsor one - and that is a good thing too. Plus Melanie is an Aggie and while she doesn't live in town, I know she takes her daughter to Aggie baseball games so I might someday meet her too! (Again, she doesn't read this blog, but just in case - I REALLY AM NOT CREEPY! (did the all caps just make it worse?)


  1. Okay, I linked to one of Heather's posts but now she has gone and is making it a whole series about Christianity and Politics and backing up your ideas with scripture.

    I know my description made it sound lame but it isn't and she isn't normally a very political person (at least blog wise) so it is written on a level I can understand. So you really should go read them all, especially if you are an Obama guy/gal, you are who she wants to hear from!

  2. Oh, and excuse my tense mishaps. That is why you shouldn't leave a comment half written, then finish and post without editing.