Firing Line

As part of a class exercise, we had a mock Senate hearing the other night. As my team's designated Senate person, I was one of 9 people to speak to the committee, which was made up of professors. It became clear right from the beginning of the 4-hour hearing that the "senators" came for blood. They were obviously directed by our professor to be belligerent, which they did by asking us about books they knew we hadn't read and looking for any opportunity to exploit our opening statements for any flaws. In a sense, it was like a real Senate hearing, complete with interruptions and 8-minute long "questions," although the questions were probably more intellectual than anything a real senator would ask. After I finally got home, I experienced a bad stomachache that I can only assume was stress induced.

I'm sure glad that ordeal is over, and I can only hope that George H.W. Bush isn't as hard on us when my team presents to him tomorrow.

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