24, Season 7: 6-8 AM

And here we are, with the final installment of 24 for the season. Unlike previous seasons, this one didn't end neatly; it left some things hanging for next season. Will Renee torture Wilson? Will Jack be cured of his disease? Will we end up with yet another President? 24 goes through them like Nancy Pelosi goes through lies about the CIA.

-Here's a lesson for Tony:

I can't believe that happened to him. That's so cliche. Remember when The Incredibles mocked monologuing?

-Kim was pretty impressive tonight. When she went off chasing the long-haired bad guy, I thought that was dumb, but it worked well. She even got to whip out the computer skills. I thought it was great when she yelled "Dammit!" when her cell phone died. Like father, like daughter.

-In the aforementioned chase scene, I think we saw the first competent generic law enforcement officer of the season. Usually, bit-player LEOs are only there to get shot, but this one actually stopped the fleeing long-haired guy with a few well-placed bullets.

-I determined that Tony pulled a quintuple cross this season. Before this season, he was good, then dead, but then he went to alive and bad, good, then bad, then kinda good at the end.

-If I remembered the other seasons of 24 well enough, I'd try to rank this one overall. I don't, though, so I'll merely say that it probably belongs in the bottom half.

Thanks, all, for bearing with me through this season. Thanks also to M and A for being my 24 buddies. See you next season.

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