Proper Prom Conduct

I spent last week subbing at the high school, and all I heard about all week was the upcoming prom. On Friday, I even got to see the student-produced video that detailed the "rules" for the prom concerning dancing. The rules were as follows:
  • No bending at the waist,
  • Hands on hips and waist only, and
  • No thrusting forward or backward
I'll leave it to your imagination to determine what unauthorized dancing looks like.

While I was not able to find the specific video mentioned above on YouTube, and I felt constrained by copyright law from uploading it, I found several videos on that site produced at other schools. Here are two, back to back, from Minnesota. The first is better than the second, and it appears these schools are stricter than the one at which I teach:


  1. This is because teens have no common sense about what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior?!

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  3. Craig, this is stunning. As a childless adult, I'm glad to see adults setting boundaries. On the other hand, I have to wonder about the other boundaries that perhaps could have been set a bit earlier, preventing the need to explicitly ban simulation of, um, behaviors you wouldn't exhibit in front of your parents.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this. (And "see" you guys next fall!)