Craig recently shared a Twitter statistic with me, supposedly 60% of people quit it within a month. That is pretty much how my relationship with Twitter went, but every once in a while I have something I would like to share, but it isn't really worth a post. Here are a few:

- This wasn't written on the box - before removing contacts, check fingers for large globs of toothpaste. Perhaps it should have been.

- Every time I watch Grease, I am increasingly shocked by how dirty it is. How could my mother let me watch that when I was 10? Maybe it is because she knew it would all go over my head.

- I am way more open with Craig about all sorts of things than I thought I would be before marriage. So why am I still embarrassed to really sing in front of him? (and yes, that was related to the above "tweet")

-Half the time I search for a __ blog, such as a "craft" or "knitting" blog, the engine asks if I really wanted to search for "___ blong". No, what the heck is a blong? Is it too much to ask that Google know what a blog is?

- I love being married, but it does have it's downsides. Every time the lovely man you live with gets a song in his head, you get to listen to it over and over.

- Whoever created the commercial about the "mini-sirloin burgers" should be shot. (and yes, that was related to the above "tweet")



    I do, however, enjoy your under 140 word updates.

  2. I feel the same way about Grease! I think a lot of that stuff went over my head as well.

    I haven't gotten on board the twitter thing yet; I've only just recently gotten on Facebook.