13 months

I was originally only going to do monthly updates for the first year but I rely on them for scrapbooking. By the time I get around to doing the pictures, I have to go back and read the posts to remember what was happening that month. So I'll be sticking with them at least until 18 months although they might be shorter- or maybe not, I don't do short well.

Dear Lucy,

This month you became a toddler, not just in age but in attitude. You are becoming quite social and independent. You still want to hang out with me if it is just the two of us at home but when we are out and about, you want to explore. Last week we got together with some other moms and tots and you played with a 18mon old and 4 year old for quite a while not even bothering to check it with me.

At times you struggle with your new desire for independence. You get overwhelmed and aren't really able to handle your emotions but we are managing to survive. But it is such a joy to watch you become a little girl, even if it means we have to deal with a bit of screaming.
You love to help out around the house. In this picture, you want me to vacuum while you sweep. 

You're quite opinionated. You love to make choices, such a diaper or trainers (always the trainers, you hate diapers) or which book you want to read.

You know 12 signs now having added eat, book, kitty, puppy, bug, flower, and bird to your repertoire. 

And as is obvious from your list of signs, you love the outdoors. You can spend 5 minutes just watching one little ant crawl around and get a kick out of showing it to us and "talking" about it. Most days we take a walk down to the mailbox. The hill is quite steep but you can do it yourself even though it may take us 30 minutes. I normally help you out a bit towards the end so we can make it all the way up to the garden where we do our daily inspections and bird watching. I normally allow you to be naked at this time, luckily we are pretty secluded.

You love to be in a state of undress although recently you have come to appreciate the joy of the accessory and will pick out bows and shoes to wear - but everything else like shirts or diapers is still unwelcomely forced upon you so you can often be found walking around the house in dress shoes and a diaper but nothing else. You'll let me put your hair in a teeny tiny pony tail on the top of your head and when I finish I say "oh, so beautiful" and you pat your head and smile.

You are starting to become a daddy's girl. When the door opens in the evening and you know Craig is home, you get excited and start heading over to see him. And if he tries to leave again right away, you fuss unless he takes you with him.
Taking a walk about the yard with daddy, you wanted to show him all the bugs. 

You love music and you love to dance. When life gets overwhelming and I can tell we are moving into dangerous territory, I'll put on some Abba and we'll start to dance and suddenly, my happy baby little girl is back.

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  1. I teared up reading that last line! She is growing so big so fast, and it's so fun to get to see the updates. :)