Weekends of Fun – Part 1

This past week and a half has been super busy. The craziness started last weekend when Craig’s mom and dad flew in. At first, Lucy was a bit unsure 20110627 Fam Visit 044
but soon enough decided that Grandma and Grandpa were okay!
20110627 Fam Visit 052
20110627 Fam Visit 151
She had spotted a bunny behind them so no amount of singing and dancing on my part was going to get her to turn around.
Overall the weekend was pretty low key, we did some shopping, barbequing, swimming and hanging out at the house so they could spend time reading and playing with Lucy.
We did spend one day sightseeing at the Arch. It was the first time any of us other than Craig had been there. The day began with some rain so we were worried but by the time we got there it was perfect, sunny but not too hot.
20110627 Fam Visit 075
This was one of the few times we actually brought along the stroller but Lucy ended up hanging out in the Ergo 80% of the time while Craig pushed all our stuff around, perhaps that is why he looks so grumpy?
20110627 Fam Visit 13320110627 Fam Visit 07220110627 Fam Visit 073
We had tickets to go on a boat ride up and down the river but were early so we had a little picnic while we waited. Lucy didn’t want any of the food I offered her, she seemed this think the stuff Grandma and Dad had looked tastier – even if it was the same thing!
20110627 Fam Visit 111 20110627 Fam Visit 109     
Then we tried to take pictures of Lucy next to the arch but ran into a bit of a problem. Here we were at this great monument and all she cared about was this one little weed next to it. Craig finally pulled out the weed but then she spotted an ant!
  20110627 Fam Visit 087 20110627 Fam Visit 088 20110627 Fam Visit 089
20110627 Fam Visit 114 20110627 Fam Visit 115
Soon enough it was time for the boat ride so the little princess got a ride down the stairs.
20110627 Fam Visit 116
Here is where there is a break in the pictures. We planned the trip assuming Lucy would take her morning nap on the way there leaving us plenty of happy baby time to explore and we would be off the boat and headed home about an hour before her nap time. It was a great plan but that is what it stayed – a plan. Several things happened in the morning and she didn’t fall asleep until about 15 minutes before we arrived and of course, woke up as soon as the car was parked.
By noon she was a mess and Craig and I spent the first half of the cruise trying to maintain our dignity and keep control of our screaming toddler. It was the worse fit she has ever throw. By the end she was so upset she wouldn’t let anyone touch her, she just found a wall, squatted down and screamed/cried for 5 minutes with her hands up in the air in a “help me” position.  Luckily everyone else wanted to be outside with the cool breeze and the nice views so we weren’t disturbing anyone inside except the hot dog vendor. If I hadn’t felt so bad for Lucy, I would have had some sympathy left for the poor guy.  Eventually she let me nurse her and immediately passed out on top of me and stayed asleep in the Ergo so picture taking  (and hot dog selling) could commence once again.
20110627 Fam Visit 123combo
Here I am trying to smile even though I feel like I’ve just earned at least 20 grey hairs. We did finish up our trip to the city with some frozen custard since of course, after she had her nap, Lucy was in a great mood. I still haven’t been up in the Arch but it may have to wait a few years, I’m not sure I can take another trip like that one.
Tuesday morning, Craig’s parents had to head home and that same day, me and miss tantrum took the train to my parent’s where more family fun was had...


  1. Those pictures of Lucy and the weed crack me up!

  2. Oof. Well, good job handling that - it's situations like that that make me think "I'm not ready! Let me just hole up in the house forever!"
    And it's nice that you're still nursing... Part of me never wants to stop because it is sometimes the only way to get him to settle down.
    I love the weed and the bunny bits! You have a precious girl.